I want to learn more about Dalmatians

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Daisy Dog

Crazy Daisy
Barked: Wed Jun 13, '07 8:48am PST 
Besides To Fox Terriers I also am facinted by Dalmatians. I love them. And I want one but they are too big for our travel. I could sort that out though. Anyway please take the quiz.
1.) Snore?
2.) Dig?
3.) High Matnece?
4.) Love walks?
5.) One person dog?
6.) Please give me some more info.
7.) Please give me advice with them.

Fire?!? - Where?!?
Barked: Mon Jun 18, '07 11:21am PST 
1.) Snore?

I never do, but once in a while I dream and will shake my paws (must be running in the dream) and will make a few muffled barks. laugh out loud

2.) Dig?

I've never dug any sort of holes or anything like that. Of course digging is usually a response to hot weather, and I have a doggie door, so I usually just lounge inside with the AC when it's hot. dancing If I wasn't allowed inside I might dig to try to get a cool place to lay, but any dog will do that.

3.) High Matnece?

There's a few things I'm more likely to develop, but ANY breed has common ailments. I'm over 10 years old now, and I've never had any major health issues. I get flea/tick and heartworm medicine every month, but that's any dog as well.

4.) Love walks?

Who's walking? I love to run! I've slowed down a bit in my old age, and now mostly do walks, but daddy used to take me out with his bike or roller blades. Since I was bread to run beside carriages I have lots of energy and much like forest gump can just keep running and running. laugh out loud

5.) One person dog?

I'm both mommy and daddy's boy. I always listen to daddy on the first command, but sometimes mommy might have to ask twice or three times. I think this is mainly just because even though I know both mommy and daddy are pack leaders, daddy is the main pack leader.

6.) Please give me some more info.
7.) Please give me advice with them.

Dal's are great. They have awesome personalities on their own, and really seem to develop much the same personality as their owners as well. I've extremely lovable, get along well with others, like other cats, dogs, horses, and love to play. I'm not much for toys or fetching, but roll around on the floor with me and I'm in heaven! Because my ears are extremely thin I can get frostbite very easily, so I don't think I'd do well as an outside dog in a harsh environment. Not to mention my short hair wouldn't help matters much. I also shed a lot, despite being short hair. So regular brushings are a must, unless you want hair everywhere!

*daddy* I've owned german shepards, bullies, a shiba inu, a chow, and a husky. By far the Dal has been the best overall experience of any. Tons more personality and much more personable.

The hottie
Barked: Sun Jun 24, '07 8:22am PST 
Hi Daisy!

Here are my answers. Every Dalmatian, just like every dog, is a little different, but #3 and #4 are always true.

1.) Snore? No
2.) Dig? Yes
3.) High Matnece? Yes
4.) Love walks? Yes
5.) One person dog? Yes
6.) Please give me some more info. My mom's life revolves around me and my need for exercise. I like to be everywhere that she is no matter what she is doing.
7.) Please give me advice with them. Many dalmatians are deaf like I am and I mind hand signals very well, but my family has to know how to communicate with me. This handicap does not effect the rest of my life much, except safety issues need to be considered (my mom says I could get lost or hurt if I am off leash in a place without borders). Dalmatians are a sensitive breed. An absolute committment to a Dal's needs is imperative. Once the bond is established, there is no turning back

Member Since
Barked: Wed Aug 15, '07 8:33pm PST 
I have a question about Dals as well. I'm quite serious about getting one because general personality and activity wise, they would be a good choice for our family ( We currently have a Brittany-mix who loves to run at least 3 miles a day so we need a dog who can keep up). However, we also have cats. I've been looking at Dalmatian rescue organizations, but many of the dogs have a "no cats".
I didn't think Dals were prey-driven. Are they generally, or should I look for a puppy/younger dog so they can be properly socialized with cats?

I wag, therefore- I am
Barked: Fri Aug 17, '07 3:45pm PST 
Anka is a rescue Dalmatian that has been part of our family for about a week. She is ~7 yrs. old and the foster did not know how she would react to cats, since she wasn't sure if she had ever been exposed to a cat. Well, she's done great! They sniff each other and that's about it. Anka may be a special case though, since she is deaf and very submissive and agreeable.

I'll answer your questions with my limited experience:

1.) Snore? No, but Anka does kind of moo/moan/grumble sometimes.

2.) Dig? Not at all. Her foster mum said that she has never been a digger (she was fostered by the same family for ~3 yrs.)

3.) High Maintenance? To some degree, but only because of hear hearing loss and she is a little nervous, but that dissipates each day that she spends with us smile

4.) Love walks? YES!

5.) One person dog? So far she has bonded more closely to me.

6.) Please give me some more info - they do have tendency to deafness so if you get your new companion from a breeder make sure they are reputable and test for this in their pups as well as their dames and sires.

7.) Please give me advice with them - I'll leave this to the real Dal pros.

Good luck in your search for a new companion! And, please do consider rescue smile


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Live Free!!!
Barked: Tue Aug 21, '07 8:21am PST 
A note.. I travel Everywhere with my mom and dad.. and my vet guy considers me a larger dal..

1.) Snore? noop
2.) Dig? sometimes
3.) High Matnece? No more then any other pup
4.) Love walks? YES
5.) One person dog? I can love anyone if shown Love
6.) Please give me some more info. Dals can come with some genetic health issues.. use caution if using a backyard breeder
7.) Please give me advice with them. Love them and they will dedicate themselves to you!!!

I LOVE water!!!
Barked: Wed Aug 22, '07 9:03am PST 
I'm glad this thread have been started. I just started looking for info on Dal's as I have one in my classes and I just adore him! They seem to be fitted to me. I think I'd get one in a couple of years when my pack will have reduced. Don't get me wrong on this as I won't get "rid" of my dogs but one is a senior.
I like the fact that they can keep up with horses. I like to bring my border collie with me but she's not keeping up with me. She's just not the average BC and his much slower. Taco my collie mix won't follow and will probably try to herd my horse while riding. Not a so good idea. The Pyrenees get tired too fast and anyway I bet I won't have the time to get out of the yard and they are going to be out of sight! A chinese crested won't be able to follow for sure and I don't think that a good idea to take her on the saddle. Dal's seem to be the perfect match for this. I will research mroe about this breed.
♥KODY- ♥

My name is- Kody..and..I am- a HUGAHOLIC
Barked: Sun Sep 2, '07 11:12am PST 
Hi there pups....I am a rescued Dal and may have issues due to my past. But here is my two cents

1.) Snore? Only when I am in a deep sleep....I also kick my legs out like I am running....

2.) Dig? Nope

3.) High Matnece? Of course. I require daily brushing, hikes, swimming and special diets

4.) Love walks? Nope...Runs.. BOL!

5.) One person dog? I am very friendly but only prefer my Mom as my pack leader.

6.) Please give me some more info. I am very stubborn and do not take well to traditional training methods. Harsh words and body movements make me aggreesive. I am more successful with positive reinforcements. I get bored very easily and I get it when you tell me once. Wether I listen or not is the question.. BOL! Oh yeah, I love to smile and do not do well with kids...

7.) Please give me advice with them. Dals, like any other dog is a lifelong commitment. They are happy when you are and sad when you are..I have high food allergies and require special diets and supplements. DALS RULE!snoopy
Jaggermeiste- r

"Watch out! He- just got a- shower!"
Barked: Wed Sep 19, '07 12:19pm PST 
hey There! This is my story_____When I brought Jagger home I had two cats. I was nervous about introducing them as my cats were about a year and a half old and could probably do some serious damage to my puppy if they wanted to (Jagger was only 8 weeks old when i brought him home). I kept jagger in the kitchen and the cats in the livingroom during the first week. The cats were very curious about the smell and the noises that came from the kitchen and kept trying to sneak in. I let Jagger smell the kitty bed and blanket first and finally brought him into the living room on his leash. I pinned his paws down because he started to try and play and then the cats came over to investigate. Jagger loved them right away- it was the cats that had to warm up to him! NOw they all sleep together and are best buds!
Ladysmith- (May- 2000-10-22-2- 012

Miss Personality
Barked: Wed Oct 3, '07 5:32pm PST 
1. My brother and I (both dals) snore, but not all the time and not
2. I dug when I was a puppy, but I outgrew it and havent dug for
years. My brother never dug.
3, Im not sure what high maintenance means. We both love lots of
attention from mom and dad. We like to excercise. But we stay
clean. We shed a lot and its hard to get our hair out of furniture
4 We love exercise. We are very devoted to our mom and dad and
love them better than other dogs. We would like to be petted 24
hours a day. We are NOT mean or dangerous. We are somewhat
aloof with strangers.
5. Dals have a tendency to be deaf, but can be tested as puppies and
are smart enough to learn hand signals and their other senses
compensate. They can develop kidney stones due to their
genetic make-up. My brother had 3 of them and had to have
surgery to remove them.
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