How to keep my little fliers from FLYING off of furniture?

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Barked: Tue Sep 11, '12 7:59am PST 
Hi everybody! I have 2 miniature long haired dachshunds (5 years old and 3 years old). Lately, I have become extremely paranoid about them developing back problems.

Since I have gotten them, they have been allowed to jump on and off of the bed (and they do...every single chance they get). The bed is only 2 feet high, so it didn't worry me AS much (although I know now that I should have been more worried even though they were jumping onto carpet); however, we recently ripped up the carpet and placed hardwood floors down...so now I have become extremely worried about them jumping on and off of the bed onto hard(er) floors.

I feel EXTREMELY guilty for being so careless and not doing anything before to help prevent back problems when I first got them, but I am now trying to get them on the right track and help them live a long healthy, back problem free life (fingers crossed!). I have started by buying them harnesses instead of just using their collars when we go for walks and tugging on their necks. They are not extremely overweight (my 5 year old is actually at a perfect weight, but my 3 year old is pretty "solid" - he's a miniature and weighs about 10 1/2 - 11 lbs). I also want to invest in a baby pool to allow them to swim and strengthen up their leg muscles (although this may have to wait until the Spring as it's starting to get into those cold months!).

Now, my big question, how to we stop them from jumping on and off the bed? I bought them some dog stairs about a year ago and tried and tried to get them to use it....but they just won't (I tried giving them treats for every step they went up or down until I was blue in the face - they are so stubborn lol). So, recently I thought maybe they would take better to a ramp. The thing is, the ones that I have found are outrageously expensive (the free-standing ones are the only ramps I think they MAY possibly use), and I'm so nervous about paying that much money and they won't use it ( thought about building my own, but I'm not a very good builder..at all). Does anyone have any advice on how to make a once "flying" doxie into a "non-flier"? lol. I thought about creating a barrier around the bed to prevent them from jumping, however, I get worried they would just try to jump over it, thus causing more harm to themselves. I know that teaching them to not jump will take time, and I try to pick them up to place them on and off the bed, but a lot of the times I can't get to them fast enough, and before I know it, they are mid air and ears flapping in the wind! I'm just so scared they will hurt themselves. If anybody has any advice it would be greatly appreciated!!!