Ideas to help a sensitive and anxious doxie who lost his momma dog??

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My parents and sister (she lives with them right now) have two daschunds -- both boys and about 3 & 4 years old. The older one, Toby, is very social and outgoing - loves to play, dog parks - but also very yippy and barks a great deal. He came from a reputable breeder and is my sister's dog. He lived with her at college with sporadic visits until last year when she moved home to go to nursing school. Once she completes in a year and gets a job, I suspect she and Toby will move back out.

The younger, Quincy, is from a puppy mill and would have been probably been put down or something if my parents hadn't purchased him. He was an older puppy and no longer "valuable". In general, he is quiet and sensitive, somewhat anxious at times.

The issue is my parents' elderly Westie, Jojo, who passed away just two weeks ago after about 2 years of continually declining health. She was 16 years old. Quincy lived with Jojo since puppyhood, and grew up with her (she helped to raise him -- teaching him the ropes of the house, etc). He was extremely close to her. They slept together, walked together, etc.

When Jojo's health started to decline, Quincy became increasingly anxious. She became very ill around Christmas and around that time, Quincy stopped eating well and began vomiting. He was taken to a vet and deemed in perfect health - just depressed.

She passed away two weeks ago and Quincy is just...extremely extremely upset. He stopped eating for almost a week and is just starting to get an appetite back. He is anxious and scared of everything and everyone, a behavior that had been growing since she became sicker two years ago and couldn't "protect" him. My sister and I would like to bring him to the dog park to cheer him up and let him play -- but my mom is not sure that would be very good for him since he is so anxious around other dogs now.

Any ideas to help him out? He is SUCH a sweetheart and is great with dogs and people he knows (his family and friends)...but is generally high anxiety with strangers. We are worried about his depression and anxiety. I thought that maybe eventually getting a calmer female dog or puppy would help him out - but I don't want to push him (or my parents who just lost their first dog).

I just get very concerned imagining Toby, his current housemate, moving out in a year or two and Quincy being all alone...

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