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Barked: Wed Dec 9, '09 2:51pm PST 
HERMAN needs your votes....

I entered my rescued miniature Dachshund's photo in the current BARKBUSTERS.com photo contest--where we could win $500 for ARRF, a local non-profit rescue group here in central Washington (state). HERMAN's ahead right now...but this still has 10 days to go....so I'm trying to contact people who might vote for the only (rescued) Doxie in the (five) finalists. I'd love to make my small town little "weiner(dog)" a BIG "winner"...thanks!
Easton, WA (Population 500)
So we need help to outrun bigger dogs from much bigger cities and at the same time help a small but dedicated small-town rescue group.

Herman's Story....
HERMAN came to me as a rescue from my friend and most wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Debbie Cottrell, West End Animal Hospital, in Newberry, FL (just outside Gainesville, FL). He was a failure-to-thrive local puppy mill cast-off who the WEAH staff "knew" just had to be with me....but I had recently relocated across the country to Washington state.
So we booked tiny 5 mos. HERMAN on a flight headed from Jacksonville, FL to Seattle, WA via DELTA DASH the day after Christmas 2004....and it was love at first sight!!!
HERMAN has even won First Place in the annual Ellensburg, WA "DACHSHUNDS ON PARADE" event...where he was called the first "Cross-Dressing" winner (since he wore his "sister's" (CARMEN MIRANDA, a long-haired black & tan Chihuahua) hand-me-down Carmen Miranda costume complete with a hat piled high with artificial fruit.
My little Doxie has lots of air miles under him, too...besides his trip from FL to WA; he accompanied me round-trip from Seattle to NYC two years ago and was the hit of the First Class cabin and all the airport lounges along the way.
Nothing fazes HERMAN...he's open to trying anything I ask of him. I adore my special little dogster, HERMAN!

The on-line voting only runs thru Dec. 21st.....winner will be based on the popular vote.

Only ONE VOTE PER EMAIL ADDRESS is permitted...so if you have a work email and a home email, please submit a vote from each; or if other family members have different email addys, would you please ask your extended family, co-workers, Facebook friends, on-line boards/blogs, etc. to which you belong to vote for HERMAN. His photo is last on the page, so there's a small disadvantage for my little guy.....ya gotta scroll down to his photo.

http://www.barkbusters.com/page.cfm/ID/155/cid/7/categoryI D/11/Holiday%20Celebrations%20Competition

or just go to their home page and view the Photo Contest finalists from here:

http://www.barkbusters.com/ then click on the "ABOUT US" section, which will bring you to the page with the Holiday Photo Contest info.

I'm sending out lots of pesky emails encouraging, pleading, begging, etc. for your vote....so I apologize in advance if I duplicate from my various on-line address books.

Thanks and grateful tail wags from HERMAN...please join us to "BARK THE VOTE" for HERMAN.