National dachshund races

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Barked: Sun Nov 15, '09 3:02pm PST 

My name is Toni Gossard,I'm the founder of the National dachshund races.this is in its 10 year. The National Dachshund races is the safest family attended event that rasies funds for many charities. The races have been in a movie,many newspapers and magazine write ups.the lastest one is in Dach.world.com

The National Dachshund races will be starting to book dates for this upcoming year circuit races.The circuit is in its second year.

If you or your group would like to host an event please contact me at weinerrace@yahoo.com
I will be bring the races to each state or city.
The groups that have the race will need to find an in-door building to have the race.

The group must give a percentage to the charity of there choice.
All the rules that I have set up will be followed. So volunteers will be needed.

The web site will be set up with each race and pay pal to make it easier to pay for it.

This year the races will have a brand new look with new equipment
The new green carpet will be painted like a football field.

Marc Gullen will be joining the team. to learn about him go to www.weinerrace.com under all about me. has a entertainer he brings something very special with him.

The first race starts in March in Florida, April brings he races to South Carolina. I have been putting together packets of information for those groups.

I feel I can do 2 races each month bepending on where they are maybe 3.
The last race will have to be done by the 2nd weekend in Sept.

Has always if you are a company that would like to sponsor these races please e-mail me.