Difficulty in Potty Training

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Cody J

Barked: Sun Oct 18, '09 5:22am PST 
Just how HARD is it to outdoor potty train a 4 year old mini doxi.. We just got one from a rescue ( wouldn't get a dog any other way ) , she's 4. When we take her outside to go potty you might as well take a cup of coffee and the paper to read!I know it's a new environmet for her ( new noises, smells,etc ) but I was wondering if she can eventually be trained to go outside. When we had our other rescue ( maltese ) she would go on our deck which is fine , she seemed easier to get to go outside than this little Munchen . Note we have had this Doxie less than a week, so I don't expect miracles. Thanksblue dog P.S. - the pic is one of our other dogs, just did not want to confuse anyonehappy dance

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