Howl-O-Weenie 2009

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Oscar and- Callie

Barked: Mon Sep 28, '09 6:56pm PST 
HOWL-O-Weenie 2009:
Mark your calendars! We will HOWL October 3rd,
10 AM - 4 PM in Cabbagetown Park.
(Kirkwood Ave SE & Tye St SE, Atlanta, GA 30316)
Tentative Schedule (all on "dachsie time")
10:30 Howling Contest
11:00 Tail Wagging and Face Kissing Contests
12:00 Roxie Watson Bluegrass
1:00 Costume Contest
2:00 Roxie Watson Bluegrass
3:00 Dachshund Dash Races (regular, senior, and wheelchair)
3:30 Dachshund Joke Finals and Dachshund Idol Finals
4:00 Closing Finale - Dachsie Hokey Pokey
The Howling, Costume, Face Kissing, Tail Wagging, and Dachshund Dash Races all award a fabulous prize basket worth more than $200 to the winners. $5 to enter and give your dachsie a chance at fame and terrific prizes.
What you'll see (and hear!) ---
Artist and Vendor Market: Tons of the coolest dachshund stuff you'll ever see, like Four-Legged Creative, Big Daddy Biscuits, Pets Playhouse, Decatur Animal ER, Highland Pet, Park Pet Supply, Paws, Whiskers, and Wags, Canine PHD, Parkgrounds, Intown Healthy Hound, Bonedacious Bakery, Puptown Products, Airport Bark & Park, Taj MaHound, 5-Star Dog Resort, Parkgrounds Coffee and Dog Park, and more! (If you're a vendor and would like to set up a booth, email mbrathbun at @ mac.com)
Costume contest: We've revamped the contest for this year. NO CATEGORIES....the celebrity judges will pick a finalist panel of the BEST costumes, no matter what they are. Past Judges' Choice Award winners have been rewarded for originality, cleverness, and craftiness. And this year you'll be able to vote directly for the winner of the People's Choice Award!
Dachshund Races: Contrary to what you might think, the "fastest" dachshund doesn't win. The most "focused" dachshund does! Emcee'd by Emmy-award winning FOX sportscaster Bob Rathbun (who is also an awesome foster dad for DREAM. Boy are we lucky he loves dachshunds, cause he sure doesn't do this for the money!).
NEW! Dachshund Idol: Our combination of "American Idol" and "Stupid Pet Tricks." Be ready to demonstrate your dachshund's best trick to a panel of judges. The finalists perform in front of the whole crowd!
NEW! Dachshund Joke Contest: If you have a good (clean) dachshund joke, practice it for the NEW joke contest!
On-site vaccinations, microchipping, and nail trims! Vaccinations are sponsored by Intown Healthy Hound and City Kitty! Microchipping and Nail trims sponsored by Decatur Animal Emergency Center!
Bluegrass Music: Roxie (DOXIE) Watson, back by popular demand! Get a sneak listen here.
Tail-Wagging Contest: How many tail wags can you dog wag in 30 seconds?
Face-Kissing Contest: How many licks can you dog do in 30-seconds? (No peanut butter cheaters!)
Howling Contest: Whose dog has the longest, most soulful howl? (The best part of this is what the dog moms and dad DO to inspire the howling.)
Hot Dog Lunches: Hot dog, chips, can drink, and a dessert, all for $5.
The Humane Society of the United States can tell you about pending puppymill legislation, and Fulton County Animal Services can tell you all about their efforts to end animal suffering in Fulton.
The Dachsie Hokey Pokey: People dancing with their dachshunds. "Put your red dog in, put your red dog out..."
Plus a great day at a beautiful park. Bring your lawn chairs, your blankets, and your dogs, and plan to make a day of it. All proceeds go to medical care for dachshunds in DREAM's foster program.