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Hi, we are new to Dogster and would love to hear some advice about our recently recovering mini dachshund Odie. He had neck surgery 2 years ago and recovered amazingly. Now, he just got out of back surgery (just our luck) and this surgery has taken its toll. He could barely walk before surgery and now he can't walk at all, already 5 days out of surgery and home. He doesn't seem to have any pain, but cannot control his bladder. Every time we try to get him to use his limp hind legs he pees all over. Doctor visit in a couple days but I don't know what's normal and what's not. I just want him to walk again on his own. Any comments or opinions would be welcomed. Thanks everyone. Wish Odie a speedy recovery! Ps: doggie diapers DONT WORK lol.

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Sorry, no advice to offer you, but I do want to wish Odie the very best and a speedy recovery!wishes

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odie, i am praying for you!
i sent you a pawmail with some great links with the information you are seeking and i also sent you a pup pal request.
keep us posted as to how you are doing!

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Best Wishes Odiewishes

I hope you recover fast and I pray for you Odiehug I hope you make it okay. From One Dachshund to another good luck
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Awww sweet Odie! Don't be discouraged, it can take time after surgery to heal completely. It's a very individual process.

I've had now four Dachshunds with IVDD (Intervertebral Disk Disease). My first girl was totally paralyzed at age 6 in an injury (with a large breed dog). She had a ruptured disk in her lower back. She didn't have surgery, just several months of physical therapy, water therapy & TLC. She revovered about 80% in about six months. She lived to be 17, with no furture issues with her back.

My next one, Gunther, was paralyzed completely in '04 with a ruptured disk in lower back. He underwent surgery two days before Christmas and took his first steps on Christmas day. He recovered completely within a couple months. He ruptured another disk further up on his back two yrs later and had surgery again. That time it took him longer to recover, and he had poor bladder control the first couple weeks post-op. Took him a couple weeks to begin walking as well. Now he's doing great. You can read about Gunnie's experience with IVDD here...


Fawn, the next one to rupture a disk... happened in May '06. She was totally paralyzed and underwent surgery. Within a month she was walking and had regained bladder control. She's doing great now.

Same time Fawn went down my old fella Ben did. He wasn't completely paralyzed so wasn't a surgery candidate. He was put on strict crate rest for 6 wks along with prednisone and pain meds. He recovered fully. He's now 15 and doing fine.

Crate rest is VERY important! At least six weeks strict crate rest after surgery is a must. It's crucial to keep Odie as quiet as possible while he heals. No climbing stairs at all, no jumping, no running. Since he doesn't use his back legs yet, you can make a sling out of a large towel or pillowcase... sling walk him to help stimulate him to pee and poop. Also, express his bladder frequently, so that his bladder doesn't hold residual urine... this can cause uriary tract infections. It's best to express his bladder as often as you can, to keep it empty. Your vet or vet tech can show you how to express, it's very easy.

If you haven't already, I strongly suggest you join Dodgerslist. They are a wealth of information and support for anyone with a downed doxie. Here's the link.


Best of luck, and please update when you can.

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