Poem: To A Prospective Dachshund Owner

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cutest cuddlebug
Barked: Mon Aug 10, '09 9:51am PST 
To A Prospective Dachshund Owner
by Lee Avery for the American Dachshund, February, 1970

If you don't want a dog
Down close to the ground,
And sturdy, and shining,
And always around...

A dog to dispel
Your heaviest frown
With a hundred ideas
For playing the clown...

A dog that will make you
Suspect it is true
That he might be a little
Bit smarter than you...

With searchlight-bright eyes
Sharp, nuzzling nose,
A mind that inquires,
Keeps you on your toes...

If you want to go out
With a conscience that's free
Of that unspoken question,
"Why couldn't he...?"

If you don't want to know
Dog love that's sublime,
Don't get a Dachshund -
You're wasting your time!