Indoor Potty Training for Dachshund Puppies

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Barked: Tue Jan 27, '09 9:02am PST 
Hi I have two dacshunds...and happily.... one on the way ... The two I have do use the weewee pads.. I'ts 0 degrees here so I worry about taking them out some nights. B ut when weather did permit, they do go outside just as well... Should I invest in this wiz thing for three doxies?

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Barked: Wed Jan 28, '09 1:07am PST 

I normally think of wizdog as ideal for one dog but it certainly would work well for several small dogs as in your situation. Your maintenance of it would increase also of course per multiple pets.

I'm soon going to post a few pics on my website of my wizdog...which I should have done long ago.

Are the wee wee pads working well for the two adults? How old are the two adults?

I think I would get a wizdog in your case and then the puppy will get trained right from the get go. You can transition the adults to wizdog, keep them on wee wee pads or use some kind of hybrid approach (with both wizdog and wee wee pads).

Aside from the cold weather, there will be other times your doxies have to go that may not be convenient for you so the wizdog will be there for them.

Best wishes, Linksmile

If I want it....- It's mine!!!
Barked: Wed Jan 28, '09 3:23pm PST 
Well my oldest is ten months... and The Middle is 5 months... The baby wont be here til march ... They're never really alone for more than 4 hours. But if this would make life easier with three little dogs... it would be great ...and I would love to see a picture of it


For a treat,- I'll change my- mind!
Barked: Sat Mar 28, '09 7:53pm PST 
I finally put a picture of my wizdog on my site.


There is a link within the potty training article that will show you the picture of my setup.

Barked: Tue Jul 28, '09 2:16pm PST 
I am also a fan of indoor potty training. Which product do you use for this? I am using a Ugodog potty ( http://www.ugodog.net ) and absolutely love it!
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Barked: Fri Aug 7, '09 11:27pm PST 
My dachshund uses potty mats.
We prefer the OUT brand that comes in 16pks.

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Barked: Tue Aug 25, '09 9:35pm PST 
indoor or outdoor potty training, the key is the same and that is consistency and praise.
squirt bottles, shaking pennies and chastisement will not help in potty training or any other training and you very much risk breaking the trust between you and your puppy.
dachshunds are especially difficult to potty train and extra patience and encouragement is needed.
don't get into a pissing match laugh out loud with a dachshund! confrontational training is definitely NOT the way to go!
doxies are not well wired, ultra-stable dogs to begin with; we are impetuous and self entitled brats by nature and it is easy to end up with an agression problem arguing about the little stuff!
if you push a dachshund, he will push back twice as hard! tenacity is our hallmark!
if you criticise him, it will make him sneaky and sulky and upset.
we are famous for our recklessness and lack or morals or restraints. we are not a naturally biddable breed..we are genetically engineered to make our own decisions as to right and wrong and work independantly from man.
always work as a team together to promote a cooperative and fun atmosphere. win your doxie over to your rules by managing events so he can't help but succeed and make his successes the most celebrated events of the day.
exploit our need for companionship and craving the limelight by always being your doxie's best friend and fan.
we can not stand being left behind and we are intensely nosy and interested in every little detail..use that to your advantage by teaching us there are fantastic rewards for following our rules. we are astoundingly greedy and will do anything if we will get something out of it we want.
treats are not the only rewards..more freedom, toys, games and fun are huge rewards also.
mistakes are inevitable but should be kept to an absolute minimum as every mistake is a huge setback and entirely the owner's fault, not the dog's.
this is the hardest part: do not comment on 'accidents', simply clean them up and remind yourself to be more consistent.
dachshunds are especially difficult to housetrain, so do it right from the very beginning; don't screw it up or your dog will never be 100 percent housetrained. that means putting one's temper or annoyance on hold for as long as it takes and praising, encouraging, monitoring and managing every single day and night until they are trained.
inside or outside, keep your puppy empty. use a trigger word. watch for his cues that he is about to go and whisk him to the spot. do that a few thousand times and voila! potty trained! way to go
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