Dachshunds and Agility?

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I'm about 4 months old and I'm in puppy basic obedience classes now. My mum was wondering if when I'm older I could do agility, well she has no doubt that I can, but if I should because of possible back injuries. I love hiking and I'm very active and willing to learn, but anyways just wanted to say hallo to everyone on the Dachshund Forums.
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Look at these:

http://www.dachshund -dca.org/agility.html
http://www.flickr.com/photos/lola_and_martine /270541344/

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The whole back injury thing is sometimes a misunderstood "problem". My understanding of it there are 2 ways to be more succeptable to back injury. One is genetic predisposition, there is not much you can do to prevent that. The other way is the dog being overweight/out of shape (not all ideal weight dogs are in shape). The more in shape (muscled) the dog is, the more support the spine will get from the muscle when jumping. Starting now, make sure your dog doesn't overeat, and gets enough exercise.

Almost every I take a short walk with Mom, we keep the distance short and the pace a fast walk for me. (at the very end sometimes I run a little cloud 9 )I also play with my siblings a lot, and fetch with Mom is good exercise too.

Also, at first in lessons, you will be "jumping" the bar on the ground. You won't be jumping much for height until you are at least a year old. Then your full jump height will (if you are a mini) will not likely be over 8". In CPE I am a 4" jump, AKC I would be an 8" jump.


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Hooray! Thanks very much! I was just worried because the vet was getting very proactive about not neutering him so he could gain more muscle and how most dachshunds broke their backs at some point. I got a bit nervous. Because from what I had read it was my understanding that as long as you keep them in shape and the correct weight it wasn't a big deal. My vet must have been using scare tactics or something. Thanks so much for the information!

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Please wait to start any serious agility training until you are a year or so old. That means full height/full size obstacles and jumps are off limits for 'babies'. I didn't start agility at all until 16 months old but already had my CGC at just about a year old and was in obedience classes early on. You will be building that teamwork in flat work while your body is maturing. Being a miniature Dachs, you might want to consider running in Preferred classes where you would jump 4". I am a tiny girl - 7 lbs - and I have always run in Preferred. I had my open standard preferred title and my excellent jumpers preferred titles by the time I was 4 1/2 so there is no need to rush! Good luck and have fun!!

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Hi, I just joined and wanted to share that our two mini dachs have been doing agility fr 3 1/2 yrs.
Vienna jumps 8 inches in AKC, 4 inches in NADAC and Teacup.
Stella did jump 8, but had major back surgery in January, after flying off a high bed at a relatives house :-(
She was paralyzed in her back legs, but after surgery and much PT, she has made a 100% recovery and is back to doing agility with the approval and blessings of 3 vets.
This is a video of her title run. The first time she got to compete after her recovery, she came in 1st, 3 days in a row and earned her Novice in Preferred.

This is Vienna, same weekend, in an Excellent Jumpers course, also placed 1st. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfzV7ncY_7w

Hope the links works.....
This link should take you to pics of them at various trials
http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?p=999&gid=13661240& uid=639772

I have never had so much fun with a dog. The bond that developes when you learn to work as a team doing agility is like nothing else I have ever experienced.
Both dogs also do tracking, and we hope to continue that to earn tracking titles next spring.

The key to safely doing agility with dachshunds is keeping them trim and fit....my vet told me that the muscular strength they will build will outweight any risks from jumping.
Keep in mind, jumping OVER is not the same as jumping DOWN....
I urge anyone looking fun and exercise...to get out there and do it...It is great fun !!

This was actually authored by Vienna's mom, El
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Looks like so much fun...wish they had that here in Atlanta.
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Gidget is right on the money on this one.

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