Dachshunds and pancreatitis.

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Has anyone else had experience with Dachshunds and pancreatitis? Over the course of the years two of mine have had pancreatitis that was not initially diagnosed. It looked like a back problem. Of course, we are all on alert of signs of back trouble. When watching the dogs walk from behind they didn't use one rear leg properly. They were in pain and on examination the vets were sure it was the back. I'm posting this to see if others have had this experience but also to alert everyone to consider ruling out pancreatitis at the same time you get an evaluation for back problems.
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Information from another dachshund website, so I can't take credit:

Do what your vet says.

It usually turns out to be an episode lasting a few days, then you need to kind of watch diet from here on out (especially fat and some say watching protein as well). But on occasion it can be serious so you don't want to mess around with it.

Between my usual vet, the emergency vet, and the internist all of whom I had contact with during Sadies 14th year there are apparently several approaches (and they are somewhat opposite). Some say feed bland as long as they're not vomiting ... others say no food, just IV fluids, until the pancreatic enzymes are down then slow reintroduction of bland food. The internist I took Sadie to said give 1 - 2 TB every 2 to 3 hours...then gradually increasing amounts and decreasing frequency.

Fatty food can provoke problems so I'd probably avoid the cheese.

I know there is a lot of conflicting information out there...you're best bet is to keep track of your questions and ask the vet.

Here is what the vet told me.

It is brought on by fatty foods
Overweight dogs are more likely to suffer from it
No food, only IV fluids until the bilirubin returns to normal

My vet also explained to me, that even being in the same room with fatty yummine food can cause pain. The smell and sight of food triggers the saliva glands and that gets the intestinal juices flowing. This can bring on the pain and an attack. I know it sounds weird, however after three days on IV fluids the last episode, you bet I introduced bland food back very very slowly.

My vet also prescribed steroids (?) and kaopeptate or pepto bismol.

Once over the attack and back to normal, watching the diet can help prevent further episodes.

I would ask your vet for an approved list of foods...but pumpkin may be an OK thing.

When Sadie was recovering from one of her bouts, she turned up her nose when offered regular potatoes (when they were starting food at the animal hospital) but would eat sweet potatoes when given those. I guess sweet potatoes and pumpkins aren't related but may have some similarities...high fiber, low fat, low protein - mostly carbs.
100 % pure pumpkin (not pie filling) and NO fat PLAIN yogurt are the way to go if you are going to add those to your pups diet. The yogurt adds beneficial bacteria to the stomach and the pumpkin adds fiber.. most dogs love both. I have been giving my guys 1 heaping teaspoon of pumpkin at each meal and 1 teaspoon of yogurt with dinner for over a year now and have not had any runny stool problems.

If you are dealing with pancreatitis and want to hide the meds in cheese use no fat or low fat Mozzarella or (string cheese) most dogs love that.
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Thank you. These recommendations are great and we followed similar guidelines when Ginger had pancreatitis. Since you found this on another dachshund site, it still makes me wonder what the incidence of pancreatitis is in doxies. What I found most interesting (and scary) is that the symptoms were similar to an emerging disc rupture.


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I suffer from Pancreatitis. Everything that Oscar said was great. I do better with six small meals a day. I occasionally get fat free cottage cheese & fat free yogurt. Mom freezes the yogurt in ice cube trays & makes us yogurt pops!! Three days on IV fluids was enough for me. Mom watches my fat carefully. When I had two meals a day I would have more frequent attacks...switching to six small a day has made an big difference. My vet is happy & so is mom! We had heard fom another friend, not a doxie, that doxies were prone to pancreatitis.

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None of us suffer from it, but our Daddy knows about it. It can be just like a back problem. Very good information!