Puppy ears tipping and standing?

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Barked: Thu Oct 29, '09 2:35pm PST 
Hi there! This is my first collie puppy and I've noticed that since we've gotten Mischa, her ears have gone from tipped like the breed standard requires to fully erect over the last few weeks. Is this a normal process for puppies or will her ears be fully erect the rest of her life? She'll be 12 weeks old this Monday, thanks for any replies!

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Barked: Sun Nov 8, '09 6:03pm PST 
At 12 weeks old you have "the teething ears." While the pup is teething it's ears will go all sorts of wonky. One day they'll be up, the next they'll be laying sideways...oy...It does get better though.

If you plan on showing the dog, you can tape the ears. As I recall you are training her to be a SD? So it doesn't really matter how her ears end up. But if it's a big deal you can tape them. It's a pain though. The pup will hate it, and will probably undo it numerous times, it's a lot of clean up to get the goo off of your pup each time you have to redo it...not worth it unless you're serious about a show career IMO.

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Barked: Wed Nov 11, '09 1:04am PST 
Cirrus's ears ears did that, and the breeder put some kind of glue on the tips to train them down, but didn't work. We even tried barretts, and Cirrus flicked them off. She's not a "show dog", but she's our champion!happy dance