are collies meant to stay outside 24/7 year round?

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Meesha Marie

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Barked: Thu Feb 5, '09 9:04am PST 
I would not think so. But our neighbors (both professionals) have left their collies outside 24/7 year round for the nearly 15 years they have lived by us. When the first set died, they got two more and threw them back there. I just feel so bad for them. They never get human attention, see vets, get baths, or have quality dog food or fresh water. There is an unheated nasty room on the back of the house that they can stay in, and it is quite nasty. From what we've seen, bags of food (Old Roy) are thrown out on the floor and the water bowl is under a faucet that drips and is full of nasty leaves, etc.. The woman is a pediatrician and the man used to be a dentist and lost his license so he stays at home 24/7 year round. There is no excuse for this - yet it goes on year after year. We have reported them before, because when they go off for a week at at time, they do not get a pet sitter. One year it was very hot in the summer and the dogs had no water or food out. The animal control person came and the people were told to take the collies to a vet and to get them baths and licenses. They did not get cited. Animal control officers cannot do anything unless the pets look to be on their deathbed. My neighbor and I have been frustrated for YEARS - but have not been able to get anything done. Rescue groups are overwhelmed, as we pet lovers know. The fence gate is locked, so it isn't like we can just let the collies escape. These people will not care for their pets properly, but they don't want anyone else taking them. GO FIGURE. One of the collies is referred to as a "Blue". The other one looks to be just a normal collie. Both are very sweet. So very sad! What would some of you do if you had a similar situation going on next door? I have to put it out of my mind most of the time or I would go nuts.

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Barked: Sat Feb 14, '09 12:48am PST 
If they are continuing to be neglected and living in filth, can you keep calling animal control, or get other neighbors to keep calling? I wonder why the owners have dogs if they never get attention. Does this mean you never see them playing with the dogs or walking them? Is there poop everywhere? Do the dogs look or behave unhealthy? Are they in kennels or out roaming a yard or field? Do the dogs play together and seem friendly when you approach the fence? Can you take pictures and videos to show animal control, or any other supportive group? What have you said to the owners to bring this to their attention or change their attitude or lifestyle? Have you offered to adopt the dogs?

The answer to your question: In the old days of wild dogs, sure. Nowadays with humans, no. Dogs need the order of a pack, and we are responsible for being the pack leader, and provide exercise, discipline, and affection; rules, boundaries, limitations; food, shelter, and medical care. This is what I believe based on Cesar Millans philosophy. I believe these things regardless of the breed. So, even though a collie can be easy-going and friendly, they still need to be fulfilled with the above concepts.

Also, this forum is not very active . So, you may want to post where more of the general Dogsters can see your question. As you can see, I posted a couple of topics, but no one has responded for a long time!

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i dont understand the point to having 2 collies if they are left outside. collies are such people dogs and need human interaction. the last 2 must have had a miserable life u should do something it is just not right.