Easy or not?

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Barked: Wed Mar 11, '09 7:50am PST 
Did you find it easy or not to train your Cocker Spaniel where to "go"? I've trained several very young pups, but she seems the most difficult despite being very intelligent in other areas. Emily has come to me a little older, so I'm not sure about any poor habits she might have formed elsewhere. Already, she has learned to sit for her food in 2 days.

My Papillon was house trained in about 1 week, and even my stubborn Pug trained immediately. That one still amazes me since she's never had an accident...although Lily the Pug has been known to test my patience with a multitude of mischievous ways....laugh out loud

I feed her on schedule 2x daily, but she does not poop in any accordance to when she's fed. It can be 20 minutes later, or it can be as long as 8 hours later. I've waited up as late as 2am just to make sure she would finally go and not dirty her crate.

I don't know what else to do as I'm being consistant and watchful over her, rewarding her if she does get it right.

I'm curious to hear your experiences...thanks!