The Excited Pee

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Barked: Wed Jan 28, '09 2:38pm PST 
Sammie just celebrated her 5 month birthday and yet we can't get down the "excited pee" problem. She's 99.9% house trained but when ever anyone rings the door bell or my fiance and I come home from work she gets so excited when we go to pet her that she squats and pee's just a bit.

I'm allowed to bring my dog to work but I hesitate because I don't want her to have an "excited" accident at the office.

What's with that and how can we make it stop? So embarassing, for her and us.

Barked: Wed Jan 28, '09 8:52pm PST 
young puppys have very small bladders but this is not her fault. this is a common problem and she should outgrow it with time. Just dont yell or punish when she has an accident. if you are really worried about it contact a vet or get her some doggy dipers and take her to work anyways smile

Operation- Stuffed Animal
Barked: Tue Feb 10, '09 8:07am PST 
Our pup had the same problem. I noticed it got significantly better when he was about 11 months. He has his rare moments but nothing like his earlier months. Good luck! He will outgrow it in no time.