Questions before getting an English cocker spaniel

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William T- Riker

Barked: Tue Nov 25, '08 9:01pm PST 
It's probably looked down upon but as the English cocker spaniel forum's last post was over half a year ago I'm going to ask here as well.

Quoted from my original post:

Sorry to post out of character (dog) but presently I have no other option.

When I was younger and lived with my folks I had an English cocker spaniel (Hunter, 1990 - 2001) and he was an amazing dog. Now that I have my own place I'm interested in getting another English cocker spaniel as I know how personable and loving the breed can be.

Currently I live by myself in a 650 square foot apartment, ground floor with common area grass outside my back door and a large array of parks/walking paths immediately nearby.

A few questions I was wondering if site users might be able to answer:

1. My job requires that I am out of the house from 07:30 to 17:30. I was planning on scheduling 2-3 weeks off when I first get the puppy to give him my absolute attention and then the following 2-3 weeks have a family member come to check on him at lunch time. When I was younger I recall leaving Hunter in a 2x5x3 kennel when I was at school and coming home to him barking/howling out of loneliness. When the dog is older is 10 hours too long to leave him by himself?

2. I was never the one to groom Hunter when I was younger and while I am tidy my housekeeper is the one to thank for my place actually being clean. Is bathing/brushing once every two weeks adequate? Is shedding a significant issue with English cocker spaniels?

3. Would a 20 minute walk in the morning, an hour in the evening and then weekends together be adequate exercise? Hunter was extremely docile and never became really worked up unless someone got him excited. Is this reasonable behaviour to expect?

Thanks in advance!