Concrete Flooring

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Barked: Sat Aug 3, '13 3:09am PST 
I'm going to have heated concrete flooring installed throughout the new house I'm moving into. I was wondering, however, if it might naturally reduce my chihuahua's nails. Since they don't live in the backyard where pavement is usually encountered, they have horribly long nails that I have to take them to the groomers every 3 weeks! I chose the flooring for other reasons, but I'm hoping it might make a difference in their nail growth.

Barked: Mon Aug 5, '13 10:24am PST 
I doubt it will make a difference. Concrete flooring is very smooth compared sidewalks and streets, which are typically credited with reducing nails. Even then, I don't find they work very well as I walk my dogs through the neighborhood streets daily and I still trim their nails every 2 weeks or so.

3 weeks is a long time between cutting nails. I'd say 2 weeks is average, with individuals needing more or less frequent trims. If you want to reduce the length of the nails, you need to be trimming or dremmeling every 3 - 5 days, as close to the quick as you can get without nicking it.