Help with ticks!

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Barked: Tue Apr 30, '13 10:02am PST 
Terry has had ticks since the day i got him,he came infested with them. I have tried bathing him,sprays and all,but i don't want to keep giving him chemicals.

So i was thinking on buying some DE to sprinkle around the house and garden,not sure on using it on him.*yes it will be food grade*

I have heard about natural treatments too,like oils and others. can you guys recommend things that you have tried? I want to make sure it actually works since i would be getting it online and don't want to end up wasting money frown.

I am fed up with him scratching and always being uncomfy,yes he has less and i know with time they should disappear,but i have had ticks infestations in the past and they are gone with two or three days.

Help?! cryfrown

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Barked: Wed May 1, '13 9:00am PST 
Do you mean ticks or fleas. O_O
Are you pulling the ticks out or just letting them sit on him .. ?

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Barked: Wed May 1, '13 10:40am PST 
With ticks just pull the whole tick off with a tick key or tweezers and flush it.
If it is fleas, bathe him in dawn soap to get all the fleas off him (use a good conditioner because dawn can be drying) Make sure you go through him with a flea comb and soapy water to get any strays. Vacuum everything, everyday. Wash his bed and any areas he likes to lay. You could also lay down DE or Borax and then vacuum up a day or so later. I like the flea traps with the light and sticky paper you can make or buy.

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Barked: Thu May 2, '13 10:15am PST 
Do you mean fleas or ticks?

either way just go chemical. On the first run. Give him a dip or take him to the vet to get dipped. Or buy those shampoos and wear gloves.

We got infested with fleas once becuase i tried to naturally take care of jake's fleas. Worst thing i ever did.

I gave jake a capstar and went from there.

Capstar is a 24 hour flea kill medication given by mouth. you can buy it at the petstore and it will take everything on him and kill it. Then you can go from there.

I used to give jake Capstarts before we went to the dog park after my car became infested with fleas becuase of his dogginess >.>