Hardwood Floors and Large Dogs

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Barked: Sun Mar 3, '13 9:13am PST 
I have old pine floors in the house which are pretty old, damaged and need replacing. I want to go with hardwood and need to know what would be the best. Maybe hard maple or bamboo? No tile or laminate suggestions, as I do not want these. Anyone that has experience with a good wood floor?

I have two big dogs. Yes, nails are cut, but when somebody comes to the door, the nails dig into the pine for traction!

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Barked: Tue Mar 5, '13 10:25am PST 
There are different hardness levels to different types of bamboo, so if you go that route I would make absolutely sure you are getting the hardest bamboo possible. We put down bamboo hardwood in one of our other houses, in the kitchen, but I didn't research properly and it was very, very soft --- not quite as soft as pine but it didn't hold up, it got scratched and gouged by dog nails very fast. My husband's cousin recently renovated their kitchen and entryway, and used Tigerwood, good and hard, very striking look, but it was quite expensive. I believe black walnut is fairly hard. I did a quick Google and here are some things that came back:

Hardwood Flooring Hardness

Hardness Tables

You'll also want to take into account whether you are going to buy regular hardwood or engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwood is more affordable but can only be refinished once, whereas regular hardwood can be refinished many times.