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I have 2 females that burn my lawn with their urine. I have tried several of the products that say they prevent the burning of the grass, but I havent actually found one that works. I am tired of having to re-seed etc. every year. Does anyone know of a product that really works to prevent this?
I sure would appreciate any suggestions

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The cheapest & best thing is drywall dust. Many construction sites will have drywall scraps you can have for free. Peel off the paper, crush the exposed drywall & liberally sprinkle the spots. Water it in well & the grass will come back in lush & green.
Do NOT use drywall with fire retardant or fiberglass threads...just regular old drywall. There are commercial products out there, but nothing works as well as the drywall dustlaugh out loud
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About those products you feed to the dog to neutralize their urine... while in theory they may work to prevent lawn burn, it's really not healthy for the dog. Dog urine is slightly acidic by nature to prevent bacteria from colonizing the urinary tract, and to prevent bladder/kidney stones from forming. I would worry that using these products long-term might predispose a dog to UTIs or stones.

You can train your dog to pee in a specific area to minimize lawn damage... start by taking her on-leash to the designated pee spot (maybe on gravel or barkchips instead of grass, or behind a visual barrier of some kind) at a time when you KNOW she has to pee (like she's been the house for a long time) and praise her effusively when she goes, plus give her a tasty treat. If you do this for several days, she should naturally run to that spot when she has to go. You can taper off the rewards after a while, but don't do it cold turkey.

Oh, adding this at the last minute... if you want to go with Squam's suggestion of a surface neutralizer, you can get agricultural lime at farm and and garden stores for around 10 dollars for a giant bag. It's a lot like the drywall dust, but comes pre-powdered. Gardeners use it to neutralize acidic soil and add calcium for plants to grow.

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Encourage them to pee in one area. Mulch it and stick a bird bath in the middle or something.

Or just water the pee spots often, as soon as they pee. Diluting the urine works just fine.

My 3 have a pee relay going. Pepper finds a spot, Sonny follows and pees on top, Snickers tops it off. Lovely huh?