hidden odor or behavior problem?

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Barked: Sun Mar 4, '12 7:33pm PST 
We have a 5mo puppy that for all intents and purposes seems housebroken. When we first got her we realized she kept going to the same area so we blocked it off and she'd been accident free for almost 2 months. Today I decided it had been long enough to try again to let her have access to those rooms. I have cleaned them over and over with several enzyme cleaners. Within 2 hours she had "used" the room rather than whine to go outside like normal. We just moved into this home and I know the previous residents had several pets. Does my dog smell something in the hardwood that we cannot that cause her to keep frequenting that area? What can I do about it? Tomorrow I'm going to try plain peroxide to see how that works.
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Another thing to consider, is the place where she's going more secluded? Is it possible she's just sneaking off to potty? Either way I'd block that area off again and consider her not ready for full reign of the house yet.

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A review of potty training may be a good idea.
It seems she would rather toilet in that spot than ask to go outside. It may be scent or habit. It may be she is confused about where you want her to toilet. She may be unsure about whining or is not getting a consistent response to whining. (oh, please, my boys don't hear the dogs ask to go out or bark to come in)

How about bell training her?
And is she rewarded for toileting outside? Are you still taking her out to toilet?

I have only had one puppy that trained fast. Most of them had relapses until 8-9 months old. Sonny was 8 months old and un-trained. Bell training with rewards outside were a quick fix. He got the idea and was almost perfect in one week.