Has anyone tried those special made for pets furniture covers?

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I keep seeing them advertised and they look good and are supposed to be super easy to clean. Hubby was supposed to order the one for the car but since I didn't tatoo it to his forehead,he forgot. I was just wondering if the household ones work like they say they do?

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Yes, we have a sofa, loveseat and chair cover. They look fine, but have to be re-adjusted EVERY time someone sits on them. A big pain.

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I'm not sure what brand exactly you mean, but I have Seat Skin covers in my car- they're not marketed as pet-specific seat protection, just all purpose tough waterproof covers, though the box did show a dog in the car.

The bucket seat covers (for the front and passenger seats) are great and very easy to fit without having to fiddle around, they don't slip and they cover the whole seat. The bench seat cover (for the back) is a pain and totally not worth 3o bucks (what it cost.) There must be a lot of variation in bench seat design, because it totally doesn't fit my Subaru. It's too big (so slack hangs off the edge) and it falls down a lot.

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Dog bed covers are great! They are cute and comfortable. Custom upholstery is easy to find when your know where to look.

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I haven't used any specific type of furniture covers, but in trying to use various covers I've found that they don't hold up to dogs shifting around and "nesting" in couches. They also don't hold up very well to WOW-addicted bachelors eating take-out.

Anything I've used I've had to constantly pull out of couch cushions, reposition and reattach. The ones with really snug ties all ripped quickly because of all the shifting.

Now I just throw old blankets over my dog couch and tuck the ends in. They stand up better to movement, are easier to readjust, and easy to wash and dry.

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We have one for our love-seat. I bought it thru "In The Company Of Dogs" magazine. It's water proof and reversible. It does adjust but needs to be smoothed out after the dogs have been on it...no biggie cuz it saves the love seat from getting wet or dirty....from not only the dogs but guests as well.