Window safety guards?

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Barked: Sat Oct 8, '11 3:05am PST 
I'll soon be moving into a new-to-me 1940s-era house with a second story, said story having several windows at perfect lookie-loo height for Hilde (dogs! cats! squirrels! MUST CHASE!!!!!). I'd like to be able to open these windows without worrying that she'll end up splat on the driveway. Actually, I'm worried that she'd just punch throught the glass even if closed. She's gotten better about the bouncing-off-windows, but I'll never trust her fully. She's just so big. And determined.
I'm curious to know if someone has experience with window safety guards and a dog. I'd like something interior that protrudes a bit so she can't make contact with the glass and break it, and something that doesn't make the place look like a prison. Maybe I'll just have to go with a custom wrought iron dealie. The child-safety oriented guards don't seem like they would suit my purpose or concerns very well.
All input gladly accepted. Thanks!
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Barked: Tue Oct 11, '11 10:13am PST 
You'd have to drill some holes, but what about a sheet of plexi-glass?