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Barked: Thu Sep 22, '11 11:35am PST 
I was asked by a very good friend, how do you clean you leash?

Well, usually, when it gets so bad I notice, I buy a new one!big laugh

But I thought about it and put my leashes in the dishwasher along with the collars, and they came out very clean! Top rack and I had to clip it to the rack so it didn't dangle.

I thought about all of the things I might touch when I walk them, and I knew it was time. silenced

We've had pine cones and cling-ons and before that, hot dog juice... yuck!

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Barked: Thu Sep 22, '11 11:48am PST 
I put collars, leashes and harnesses in the washer and dryer (front-loaders). Haven't had an issue yet. I put them in there loose but you could probably also put them in a pillow case or lingerie bag or something. Mine get stinky and gross from getting dragged in the woods/mud/creek/pond. I usually wash them with the dogs' towels and bedding.
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Barked: Thu Sep 22, '11 11:49am PST 
I wash mine in the laundry with my clothes when the get stinky or really dirty. Same with collars- Bruno has two, so he can wear one while I wash the other (tag his tags off before washing, of course.)

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Barked: Thu Sep 22, '11 12:31pm PST 
Hmm...never thought of putting it in the washer.laugh out loud

Guess I just assumed it would get tangled, but I guess with other laundry in with it that shouldn't be an issue.

I would just soak them in a bucket with soap and water then hang 'em out to dry.
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We go together- like peas &- carrots

Barked: Thu Sep 22, '11 12:51pm PST 
I didn't use the washer because of the tangle issue, too. And it uses a lot more energy than my dishwasher. I was running a load of dog and cat bowls so it was for them anyway.

I didn't want to knick up the sides of my washing machine, either. So the pillow case it a great idea!way to go

Barked: Thu Sep 22, '11 2:58pm PST 
I wash mine in hot soapy water, or in a cloth bag of some sort in the washer. When they get ratty enough I just buy (or make) a new one!

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Barked: Fri Sep 23, '11 12:13am PST 
I never thought to put them in the dishwasher. Good idea. I wash our leashes in the washing machine with the towels or bedding. My dogs have Dublin Dog collars so those only ever need a rinse off or a wipe down if they get dirty. Super easy. dancing
Toto, CD, RN, CGC

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Barked: Fri Sep 23, '11 4:44am PST 
We wash most client's grooming dogs collars in our washing machine when they are here for grooming. We just let them bang around!
This is something people NEVER think of... they get the dog all groomed and nice and then put the stinky, nasty collar back on it.

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Barked: Fri Sep 23, '11 7:08am PST 
I wash and condition leather leashes and collars with saddle soap and leather conditioner, forget the name. If I leave Max's cotton agility lead on during a bath it gets nice and clean but I don't think that would work with nylon very well. You could just soak them in hot grease killing dishwashing soap and give a little scrub with a brush too.

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Barked: Fri Sep 23, '11 7:24am PST 
Very interesting ideas. thinking I always just use a wet, soapy rag and run it down the leash until it gets clean. Maybe I should use a washer though.

My mother would absolutely freak if I ever put anything belonging to my dogs in her washer AND ESPECIALLY her dishwasher. She used to bag up all of Daegan's things and kept it in a "special place" far away from anything belonging to humans. laugh out loud (Glad I don't live there anymore... bol)
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