Mudpit of DOOM!

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Barked: Sun Sep 18, '11 12:30pm PST 
Right so, my American bulldog and I recently moved to a new house with two other doggie roommates. The three of them get along beautifully but have decided to completely wreck the back yard. They've torn it up simply by chasing, running and wrestling all summer long. Every bit of dirt and mud out there, finds its way into the house and Im sick and tired of having to clean up mud and dirt every single trip in-and-out.

Lack of rain this summer has turned the once beautiful grass/weeds intoo strips of dirt. Now it fall rainy time and all the dirt is pure mud. Squishy, black dirty chunky mushy mud. Of course they chase eachother around in the mud, further tearing it up and covering themselves.

The back of the yard still has a decent amount of foliage, but the front half near the door where we 'hang out' is all gone. The "patio" is a cement square about 2ft by 2ft, which is just barely enough room to wipe off paws on our way in the door. Which only gets so much off of them.

My question is... to save my house (a rental) from the disaster of three dogs, how can I fix the mud pit?

I was thinking of spreading mulch or hay bales? Id rather clean bits of THAT up than all the mud. Any other ideas short of paving the back yard?

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Barked: Fri Sep 23, '11 8:06am PST 
I like pine-straw. It's a lot cleaner than mulch, and tends to not get tracked into the house as much.

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Barked: Fri Sep 23, '11 8:42am PST 
What exactly is pine straw? Is it the needles? If not where do you get it? I have a similar situation to the OP and heard of using pine straw before but none of the garden places in my area seem to know what I'm talking about when I ask for it.Thanks!