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Tenannts removed and now to clean up

This forum is for discussing all topics related to the challenges (and joys!) of keeping your house clean while living with dogs. Here you can share tips, recommendations for products and techniques, and more!

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Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Sat Oct 22, '11 5:37pm PST 
Before moving to our current house we lived in a town that was the last with working strip mining buildings and such and one of only a few that even still had them intact and they were trying to do the same thing with the whole neighborhood many of the houses aside from being painted were also still original and they wanted people to put their houses on a register for tours by people from all over.It never got through the local council as much as they would have liked it to because there were too many people in the neighborhood with small children who didn't want that many unknown elements casing the town.
They were talking about 3-5 tour buses coming through daily and more on weekends most thought it was just unwise. Glad you have your windows safely tucked away for when you have a place to put them. I love to display items like that myself. Glad MIL is doing better. Smoking is the last hurdle hubby and I have to overcome and we have tried everything on the market with no sucess. We just need to figure out how to get the will power to just do it I guess. Take care and glad things are better.
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