Best small vacuum?

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Barked: Tue Aug 2, '11 8:13am PST 
I currently have a Bissell Pet Hair Remover and loved it at first, but now that we have hardwoods and it's three years old it just isn't cutting it anymore. We currently have a one story home, but the next home would be two story most likely. I'm looking for something that does awesome on hardwoods, but also well on carpet, and wouldn't be a total pain to lug up and down stairs.

Obviously the Dysons seem to take the cake. Several friends have the DC25 Animal and that seems like a winner, however the much smaller and lighter DC24 has caught my eye too. Is there any real difference between the two? Sure the 25 is labeled for homes with pets, but is that just marketing or does it really have anything that makes it better for fur collecting? Or is there another small vaccum with power that I'm missing?

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Barked: Tue Aug 2, '11 5:52pm PST 
The DC24 comes in an animal model too if you prefer that size. I think the only difference between the regular and animal models is that the animal comes with an extra attachment for getting fur out of tight spaces. As far as your everyday vacuuming goes, I think they're identical.
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Barked: Thu Aug 4, '11 8:22am PST 
Ohh, I'll have to look into that then, thanks! Right now my vacuum is a behemoth, the DC25 Animal is a bit smaller, but still weighs 16lbs. The DC24 only weighs 11lbs, soooo much lighter!

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Barked: Sat Aug 6, '11 7:33am PST 
Not answering what you asked about Dyson, but I recently got a Shark Navigator vacuum and love it! I think it weights something like 15 lbs. It gets good reviews online and comes with some 'pet tools' like an attachment that works really well at removing pet hair from furniture.


It's a lot cheaper than a Dyson too, which was something I really appreciated. I've seen it for around $200 in stores but we got ours on Amazon and it was only $120 with free shipping.

The Navigator works really well on all our different flooring. We have wood/tile/laminate and rugs throughout our house and I use this vacuum on all of them with no problem. It does an awesome job especially at picking up pet hair. I really recommend it especially to people who like the quality of Dyson but don't want to pay the price. My parents have a Dyson & as far as cleaning power goes I'd say the Navigator is comparable.

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Well, the woot.com deal of the day sucked me in and I got a refurbished Dyson DC24 for $200. Not too shabby! I'm eagerly awaiting its arrival. I researched it and found out it's identical to the animal version, just doesn't have one attachment that the animal version does. That attachment actually came with my Bissell, and I never use it, so I decided paying another $200 wasn't worth it to get that animal version!