Not home but CAR?

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Barked: Fri Jun 24, '11 5:49pm PST 
How do you keep the hair out of your car? I have cloth seats and vacuuming doesn't get all the hairs out. They like to get tangled in the threads. I use the furminator for some areas and vacuum others but I am looking for a more effective tool.

Any suggestions??
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I put a blanket over the seats to cover them as much as I can. I know you can get rubber brushes for pets and upholstery. There is also a product that is for pet hair pick up in upholstery and carpet that looks like a squeegy, and it works like one on upholstery and carpet. I have heard of people taking those yellow dish washing gloves and sweeping a gloved hand over the upholstery to collect fur and hair.

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wrap packing tape, or even duct tape, around your hand and it will work. i used to work for a dry cleaners and that's what we used. lint rollers don't work. any kind of tape would be good though. ive started using a sheet in the car now that i have two dogs. too many paw prints lol


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I have really furry dogs that shed and drool a lot laugh out loud I use sheets over my cloth seats which helps some, but ultimately I resort to using duct tape to clean the seats regularly combined with Resolve carpet cleaner. I take my dogs everywhere with me so they spend a fair amount of time in the car (I'm an equine photographer so they come with me for my work and often travel cross country in the car with me). I would never pass muster with somebody like my BIL who gets his car detailed completely once a week (and he has no pets and works at a white collar job smile, but I think it cleans up fairly well. My horsey clients never seem to care about riding in it (not that most horsey people have tremendously high standards for vehicle cleanliness wink.

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Use a rubber kitchen glove, and "wax on, wax off" in circles with your fingertips. It helps to pull the hair that gets stuck in the cloth upholstery off to the surface making it easier to vacuum off.
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I traded in my black interior Honda CRV for a Honda Element. No carpet. Its still FULL of hair, though. But it only takes me 30-45 minutes to make it habitable again.

Oh - and one of those rubber pet hair brushes. They work REALLY well to get the hair to a vac or a sticky paper. But, they've worn the canvas-like upholstery a bit from the friction.

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Thanks for all the great suggestions!! I'm hoping my next car will not have so many places where hair can stick, but for now I have to try and deal with it!