Pet-Friendly Flooring in Living Room

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Barked: Sun Jan 23, '11 10:54am PST 
My neighbors just rippped up all their carpeting in the living area and just use the concrete floors! They sanded them down and put some kind of stain/paint on the concrete and then sealed it & it looks TERRIFIC! Believe me, if I'd known you could do that I wouldn't have paid over $3K for tile in all my house!

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Barked: Sun Jan 23, '11 1:52pm PST 
We have brown carpet. I have to tell you honestly that it's terrible. I don't know if you're a clean freak or not, but I don't like the "hidden" dirt. I have allergies and I can't EVER get it clean. I wish to high heaven that I had tile or hardwood (preferably the rustic kind) or even linoleum (which is cheaper than the other surfaces and easier to clean). I will, without a doubt, be changing out the surfaces if I stay in this house for another year.

The brown carpet doesn't exactly hide all hair either. I can SEE the matting on the floor where the dogs lie, and if you ever have a smell problem in your home, it's going to STAY in the carpet. I have to vacuum daily to feel okay about it. It sucks. Honestly, if I can help it, I won't ever have carpet in my living room/bathroom/kitchen again.

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Barked: Sun Jan 23, '11 3:13pm PST 
I would go with vinyl plank flooring. Vinyl plank flooring looks exactly like laminate hardwood, but way more durable and very easy to clean. Here's a link with what some look like: Vinyl plank flooring

Honestly, I wish I could replace my laminate hardwood flooring with that stuff. Laminate hardwood scratches, all your furniture has to have felt on the bottom, the creases can bubble if your not careful with moping, you have to use cleaners specifically for them....my list is endless. But my friend has the vinyl plank flooring and its looks amazing *sigh* one day lol

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Barked: Wed Jul 24, '13 4:00am PST 
Carpets can be a problem but if You like to, You can use some sisal area rugs or other natural fiber carpets. They don't smell and are easy to clean. Hard-flooring is something that I don't like much although it might be feasible for You.

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Barked: Mon Jul 29, '13 6:44am PST 
I am agree with your decision of not using the carpet inside the living room.And as you have decided to change the floor then you should use the high end linoleum tiles. These tiles are scratch proof and attractive enough literally for any room. You should use the hard-wearing floors that are made from hard materials, ranging from hardwoods to bricks and tiles. Cork flooring is also good option for you.

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Barked: Tue Jul 30, '13 9:30am PST 
Pergo flooring which is a brand of laminate flooring.

I think carpet is dirty. Pet accidents can go through the carpet and onto the padding underneath. Sometimes it even goes all the way to the wood. You can't clean up underneath the carpet with out pulling it up. Dander and dirt goes deep into the carpets. This is gross.

With laminate flooring, you can sweep up dog hair and wipe pet accidents up.
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