Fleas in Carpet

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Barked: Tue Nov 23, '10 4:31am PST 
Does anybody know how to get rid of fleas in the carpet? I've been dusting my dogs daily with Diatomaceous Earth to prevent and get rid of fleas on them (which has wormed 100% by the way), but the D-Earth isn't working on the carpet! All my dogs take brewer's yeast daily, so that really helps to keep the fleas away as well. I just need to get it out of my carpet! I'm planning on buying an Anibio Tic-Clip for each of them to help keep fleas away too, but if they are in the carpet, we're just going to keep having a problem, right?
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Barked: Tue Nov 23, '10 6:05am PST 
When you put Diatemacious earth on the carpet, are you kind of brushing it in with a broom and leaving it there for a few days?? I believe you are supposed to do that to ensure that the D earth gets down into the fibers of your carpet and has time to do it's magic.

Also, vacuum regularly and place a piece of flea collar in the bag or canister to kill any fleas you suck up. Because of the life cycle of fleas, you may think you have them beat and then 2 weeks to a month later you see more fleas when the larvae hatch out. So you just have to keep on it and treat every week for several months even if you think you have them beat.

I've also heard that cedarcide works really well, but I have never used it.

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Barked: Tue Nov 23, '10 7:14am PST 
Laundry Borax powder works very well. Dust a very small amount into your carpet and let it sit several hours or overnight, before vacuuming it up. Keep your dog off the carpet while waiting to vacuum. Too much Borax can be irritating to the dog, so only dust it on the carpet very lightly. This works like a charm for us and for my friend who tried it. She says it has kept her carpet flea free for several months just from the one treatment.


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Barked: Tue Nov 23, '10 8:38am PST 
We had to redust the carpets with DE twice. But it's been a few weeks now since I've seen a flea. I too was disappointed, thinking I had done it *wrong, but I think it just took a couple of dustings to get right into the fibres.