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Barked: Mon Nov 15, '10 6:12pm PST 
Ok, so it's beginning to get cold outide over here, and Jersey is beginnng to stay inside more and more. But our padio (It has walls around it and a roof...it's basically a room)keeps getting really dirty with dusy is phecieys if you know what I mean. And I have a little trouble cleaning that stuff up, so any idea's on how to keep it clean, she goes outside about 3 time's during the day, and we feed her scheaduly, my freind suggested taking her out before we go to bed, but another problem is that I don't get up in the middle of the night to take her out, any idea's on how to keep her from going in the middle of the night...I mean she's trained but somtime's you've held it so long you just can't hold it anymore! lol, so please help big grin

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Barked: Tue Nov 16, '10 1:57pm PST 
Well you said it yourself... she can't be expected to hold it for that long and has to go somewhere, so what do you expect? I would really try to find a way to let her out before you go to bed, first thing in the morning, and if she is still having problems then someone should let her out during the night. IF she is housetrained it is cruel to make her hold it until she can't hold it anymore, in my opinion it is at least. If you absolutely can't manage to let her out, put a potty pad down where she is going and hopefully she will go on there and it will be easier to pick up. Really try to give her more potty breaks though.

I see she had puppies, did you intentionally breed her? I hope not. cry I would get her spayed if she isn't already.

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OP, I'm not sure how old you are, but can you walk Jersey by yourself? Walking my pups always makes them "go." Maybe a walk about an hour or so before bedtime? Would your mom be willing to walk with you? I'm not sure if the puppies are still with you from your diary posts, but if they are, they're too young to go (wait until they've had their puppy shots through about 16 weeks). Jersey would definitely benefit from some structured excercise, and I'm sure she'd enjoy the one on one with you, as well. The walk will also allow you to work on obedience with her. Is Jersey basically and "outside" dog? If so, then I would guess she isn't house trained. What about installing a pet door on the patio where she sleeps at night? A healthy adult dog should be able to hold it overnight without problems, provided you allow them to eliminate before bed. Max is about the same age, and even going before bed he'll sometimes wake me up when he needs to go out during the night.

As far as cleaning up the pee and poop (which I think is what you were talking about), it is part of pet ownership. Wear gloves, arm yourself with some papertowels and plastic bags, and go to town. Not to mention, think how impressed your mom will be to see you take the initiative and clean it up. There are pooper scoopers you can buy as well, but you'll still have to clean up the floor since this is on your patio. You can use a solution of vinegar (ask your mom to help you mix it) to disinfect and santize the patio.

Since you are young, I am not going to lecture you about breeding (or allowing Jersey to be bred) but I sincerely hope you will consider researching and talking to your parents about having her spayed. One litter is plenty, and now you've experienced "the miracle of life" if that was your purpose in breeding her. Get her spayed now so you won't have to worry about her through another pregnancy, or deal with any more heat cycles.


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blue dog Hi, You can try a wicker or plastic basket about 3ft x 3ft, bigger or smaller depending on your pet's size. line it with a rubber sheet to cover the bottom and all sides and newspapers over it. leaves no mess, you can just wrap up the paper and dispose it off and the rubber sheet can be reused with a little wash and dry. I live in an apartment with 5 pugs and this really works.
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Scooby wakes us up occassionally around 430 am and I notice that I have to go too! So I figure its only fair to bare the chilly early morning hours for less than 2 minutes so he can go. Question : does your dog wake you up or move around a lot of the time they need to go. Try setting your alarm a couple of nights in a row and taking her out - this way she'll know that it takes you to get up to let her out and she'll start telling you.

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Ok, I am old enough to walk Jersey alone, and No her puppies are not with us anymore, they're all in safe home's where they are cared for, the last one left about 2 weeks ago. No we didn't mean to breed her, we were going to spayed her but then we realized she was going to have puppies, we're getting her spayed after Christmas, and Jersey is mostly an outside dog, Well, she's on the patio at nights and goes out a couple time's a day, so she's not inside, but she's not exactly outside, but we're working on her inside manners, so she can be an inside dog, and Jersey usually will get up and bark by the outside door if she has to go, as if she's trying to tell somebody she's gotta go and she's gotta go now, I can only imagine she does the same when at night to when everybodies asleep,