Strangest places you've found your pet's fur.

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Sanka- I'll Miss- You

The ground is my- newspaper.
Barked: Wed Nov 10, '10 10:31am PST 
So, what's the strangest place you've found your pet's hair? It seems to get everywhere! Oh, PG please! lol

Today, I looked at my phone to check the time, and to my horror, saw what looked to be like a crack in the screen of my phone. I have my phone encased in a hard plastic protective cover. I never take it off. Well, I had to take it off to see how bad of a crack was in my screen. To my relief, it was just one strand of Sanka's fur that somehow wiggled its way into the plastic cover of my phone and sat in such a way to resemble a crack. How in the heck did it manage to do that?

Spoiled dog
Barked: Wed Nov 10, '10 10:40am PST 
The strangest place I've ever found fur was on the ceiling LOL. I was dusting our windows on a ladder, and I found a wad just sitting there comfortable on the ceiling. Amazing huh. laugh out loud

Momma is the- center of the- universe...
Barked: Wed Nov 10, '10 10:49am PST 
Not that this is strange....
-When you have to look at the hair you spit out and figure out if it's your own, Snicker, Pepper, Sonny.....??

-You consider it a spice, like Paprika, doesn't add any real flavor, but the color lets you know it's in there.

-You keep a super lint roller in the car (amoung other places). And you no longer care about the funny looks you get while you roll yourself ALL over with it in public parking lots.

-you know it's NOT an eyelash in your eye....


bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Wed Nov 10, '10 11:04am PST 
Haha OMD Sanka I was just about to make the same exact thread!

My eyeball hands down. I have pulled both dog and guinea pig hair out of my eye. The runner up is in my underwear (found dog hair when going to the bathroom). I... don't even know thinking
Samoa SunnyBear Bell

Happy Boy!
Barked: Wed Nov 10, '10 11:08am PST 
On the bottom of a tomato sandwich (which fortunately I ~ and not somebody else) was about to eat.

I'm a trilingual- dog!
Barked: Wed Nov 10, '10 11:20am PST 
OK this might seem idiotic, but the strangest place I've found Lilith's hair - in her crate.

Yes, it'd make sense to have some hair in there but when I looked in there this morning (it's a tiny little crate and you'd have to get down on the ground to look inside), I was actually really shocked that it appears that she's built herself a (really big!!!) nest of her own hair to sleep in, in there!!!!! shock

Is that for me??
Barked: Wed Nov 10, '10 11:48am PST 
The only place it bothers me is the refrigerator. When I open the fridge and one of Moira's hairs floats around inside, I find it gross. Lily is much less generous with her hair.

A daughter had to pick a Moira hair out a wedding cake I had just delivered. Luckily, she was the mother of a Sib/Husky, so she understood and did it quietly.

Tennis ball,- tennis ball,- tennis ball...
Barked: Wed Nov 10, '10 11:57am PST 
BOL! These are some crazy places to find dog hair. I don't have to deal with fur laying around. I have two Wheaten Terriers, which are non-shedding dogs. But this thread is very cool!
Tanuk CGC

Sherpa Tanuk of- Everest
Barked: Wed Nov 10, '10 12:08pm PST 
The best hair we've ever found was while we were on our cruise. We were gone a long time and missed the pets terribly. We were at dinner and I was wearing a new dress that hadn't even really been in our house yet. And there on the shoulder was a little Tanuk hair. cloud 9 Then hubby found a few kitty hairs on his suit. kitty

What a long- strange trip- it's been.
Barked: Wed Nov 10, '10 12:12pm PST 
Besides in food?laugh out loud
In the freezer eek
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