Dog-safe deck cleaning?

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What can I use to clean algae off the deck without risk to the dog? I don't want to use anything with bleach in it since that could be harmful to the dog. I also prefer not to use a pressure washer. Also, is there anything dog-safe that I can treat the deck with to prevent algae in the first place?

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Why no power washer? Fast, easy and gets the job done.

There are deck cleaning liquids that are "green" and you can probably find them at a paint store. I don't think Home Depot or Lowes carries that kind of thing. They're more into the big name products.

I don't think any chemical used to clean a deck would be good for your animals, but the amount of water used to rinse off a more environmentally safe product would dilute it greatly.

Your safest bet is a power washer. It's just water from the hose. No chemicals.

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I tried a power washer. The results were poor and it was a mess. I had to use lots of hose through the kitchen window attached to the sink since the deck does not have a hose outlet. After all that, scrubbing with a deck scrubber produced much better results than the power washer.

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Who told you bleach was harmful to the dog? Yes, if the dog drinks pure bleach it could be harmful but keeping your dog in the house while you clean is completely sufficient in order to keep him safe.

in fact, bleach is a recommended method in order to make water safe for drinking (like in camping or emergency situations). It does its work and degrades very quickly in water.

Just so you know, in order for a power washer to work, you need more water than what comes out of a kitchen sink, plus as you add more hose the water pressure goes down. This is probably why you had a less than desired result. Also, you really have to watch what kind of machine you use, some cheap "home use" types do not have sufficient power.

I would suggest washing with bleach and a scrub brush and rinsing with plain water really well. It is safe, easy, and effective. Just wash, and rinse well. you dog can come out when you are done.

bleach info

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We paint houses for a living and that includes sometimes having to pressure wash them and also clean decks. We use half bleach and half water in a pump up sprayer. We spray in on and let it soak for a few mintutes and then spray off with pressure washer. For your deck if you don't have one a hose will be fine.

It won't hurt the dogs as long as you rinse good, and don't let them on it until it's all dried off.

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