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Wee Peep

Barked: Thu Oct 28, '10 3:45pm PST 
Do you have any tips for what to look for in a new couch so that it will stand up to daily use by shedding, dirt-tracking, wrestling dogs? I'm in the market for new furniture and want something good-quality that will last, be easy to clean, and won't get torn up by doggie nails in the first month.

What do you loooove and what do you recommend people stay away from?

Barked: Thu Oct 28, '10 4:26pm PST 
The couch I have right now is BROWN in color. Hides the dirt well. It has an aluminum frame which I love as it makes it easy to move the couch to vaccuum under it. Its second hand. Its been in the house with a jrt and an active shih
In Memory of Callie

Just call me Her- Magesty
Barked: Thu Oct 28, '10 6:25pm PST 
I keep my couch covered. I enjoy having my dogs on the sofa with me and when I bought it I knew it would never see the light of daysmile

Sargent &- Dutchess CGC

Barked: Thu Oct 28, '10 7:53pm PST 
I'm with Callie.
Brodie Bear

The Furry- Bull-Dozer
Barked: Sat Oct 30, '10 11:01pm PST 
My mom bought leather and keeps it covered with throws on the seat part. It has held up really well.

I have dark brown microfiber, good at the time I bought it..but bad once I got a white shedding bulldog! BOL
So, I keep it covered when the doggies are on it. It wipes off really easily with a damp cloth too.

Shed Monster
Barked: Wed Nov 10, '10 5:24pm PST 
One word for you - leather.

We switched to leather or leatherette or vinyl or whatever. No more fabric.

Happy, happy days. Company coming over? Damp paper towel wipe and voila!
Vance CGC

You kids g'off- my lawn!
Barked: Wed Nov 10, '10 8:45pm PST 
I agree with leather, in theory. I really hate sitting on leather furniture, though, so I have a designated dog couch. It's second hand, usually off craigslist, the side of the road, or a yardsale. I keep it covered, usually just with an old blanket - actual couch covers are expensive and seem to get wadded up and torn easily. If I want to sit with my dogs, I sit on the dog couch. If I don't want to be covered in fur, I sit on the human couch.
Angel Mini

A Heartbeat at- Your Feet ♥
Barked: Thu Nov 11, '10 10:22pm PST 
Do the dogs nails tear/damage the leather? We've been staying away from leather because we thought that might happen.
We have a suede sofa and one that's kind of courderoy material. LOVE the courderoy (sp?), material one. Seems tough and doesnt show a lot of marks, plus it's SUPER comfy!!

I have no off- switch
Barked: Thu Nov 11, '10 10:39pm PST 
I have leather and fabric. Leather does hold up well IMO. My dogs nails are kept trimmed and dremeled so that helps to. I have a theory, I dont go out of my way to clean couches just for company, they dont like sitting on some fur they dont have to come over big grin. It is called FURniture for a reason. The material couch I have here I cover up because I cannot afford to buy a new one yet.

OG- Original- Goberian
Barked: Fri Nov 12, '10 1:49pm PST 
We have leather furniture also. It was given to us for free, so we're not overly concerned about it getting scratched, but it has held up really well. A few scratches, but no tears. And you can just brush the fur off of the couch and onto the floor and then vacuum. I wipe the leather down every week or so, only takes a second! Works for me. We had fabric couches prior to leather and that was a nightmare with two heavily shedding dogs and two cats. shock
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