dog hair on carpeted steps?

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Bama AKA- "Buddybear'

'Just as cuddly- as i look!'
Barked: Wed Oct 27, '10 12:38pm PST 
What will help loosen the dog hair on my stairs so more will vacuum up?
I love my turbo attachment that spins but we can never get all that hair off regardless.

I need tips! BOL

When my front door is open I see TONS of hair on them.

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OG- Original- Goberian
Barked: Wed Oct 27, '10 1:00pm PST 
That's one thing about my old house that I don't miss- carpeted steps. It was such a losing battle- I could literally spend hours vacuuming them, wouldn't even get all of the hair, and then in a few days it would all be back again anyways. I'm a clean freak and my steps were the one thing in the house that was never clean, I just couldn't keep up.

I've heard taking a warm damp washcloth and kinda raking it across the steps will help get some of the hair loosened up, never tried it though. I think Arm & Hammer makes a carpet sprinkle for homes with pets that is supposed to loosen up the hair too, but I know some people don't like to use cleaning products like that.

Maybe you should just give up like I did! big laughlaugh out loudshrug
Our Gang

Barked: Wed Oct 27, '10 1:39pm PST 
We use a shedding blade on our steps and then vacuum. The shedding blade pulls out all of the fur and doesn't damage the carpeting

Bama AKA- "Buddybear'

'Just as cuddly- as i look!'
Barked: Wed Oct 27, '10 1:43pm PST 
Yeah it is annoying for sure. And, the stairs are where Bama sleeps a lot! So, his hair is always on there.

We would put in wood steps bc my hubby is a builder but for one I can't afford it now, and two- I am very clumsy so falling down wooden steps would not feel good.

where is my ucky- ball??
Barked: Wed Oct 27, '10 10:10pm PST 

I have a similar problem with Ezra. He is a Golden Retriever and he sheds alot. However, the vacuum gets a lot off the carpet and there are still big clumps in the corners. Short of picking them up by hand because we don't have the attachments that came with the vaccum what can we do about the dog hair? Some people we know seem to be making this a bigger issue than it is. Since my husband is blind I just normally wouldn't bother with the big stuff that doesn't come up but we both have breating issues.

blues- are- cool
Barked: Thu Oct 28, '10 2:14am PST 
I bought one of those grooming mits
worthless on the dogs, but works great wiping down the carpet on the stairs
also works on the side of the couch they rub on when they walk by.

Whose bed?? Why- would YOU think- that?
Barked: Thu Oct 28, '10 8:08am PST 
WalMart sells a green brush for cleaning, though it is in the grooming department. It has a rounded tip with soft bristles that work great on corners. It does a great job on my car. I know a website that sells it in purple if your WalMart doesn't carry it.

Cave canis- vigilo omnis
Barked: Thu Oct 28, '10 9:03pm PST 
Lily, those rubber brush things work really well! I don't have stairs anymore, but when I did, I used to use an undercoat rake before I vacuumed.
Bama AKA- "Buddybear'

'Just as cuddly- as i look!'
Barked: Sat Oct 30, '10 10:59pm PST 
way to go

Teacup- chupacabra
Barked: Sun Oct 31, '10 4:57pm PST 
I swear by using my Shop Vac before breaking out the 'real' vacuum!
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