Not allowed in the car anymore?

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Got food? I- can be bought ya- know....
Barked: Sun Oct 24, '10 5:20pm PST 
The furminator has plenty of knock-offs which work just as well, save a few bucks and shop around via internet.

I bought a canvas back seat hammock for $16 at Marshalls recently. I has velcro closing holes to fit seatbelts through and velcro strip along the seat edge so a human could sit next to a dog and put their feet on the floor. Love -it! It keeps our dogs in the back seat too!

My suggestion:

As soon as you get home from trips in Step-Dad's car, wash any drool or smudges off the windows. Vacumm any dirt or dog hair all over the car (it floats). Maybe Step-Dad will like the service....
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