How often do you vacuum?

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Gunna get \'em!
Barked: Thu Oct 28, '10 12:05pm PST 
shock You vac TWICE a day?!?!applausehailKUDOS.

I vacume the "walkway" (the living room-the bathroom) just about every couple of days, sometimes daily (we have a really tiny home). I "deep" vac only about every couple of weeks and dust the hair every few days. I should do that more often, I don't know if its the dogs or the dirt road mere feet from our house but it gets DIRTY fast.

I wouldn't do it so much if I didn't have serious allergies...
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Barked: Mon Nov 1, '10 7:45pm PST 
We don't have a vacuum atm. It broke a while back... when we lived in a house with wood floors and were rather indifferent to it breaking...

Now, we live in a carpeted house... with a REALLY fluffy dog... and no vacuum. laugh out loud

We have to sweep that floor as hard as we can. It's a right pain. When Cinnamon blows her coat, no matter how often we brush her, we have to sweep it up daily. However, when she's not blowing her coat, just once a week. We brush her a lot and that definitely helps.

A vacuum would be nice, though. Sweeping up fur from a carpet is tedious work. laugh out loud
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Barked: Mon Nov 1, '10 8:01pm PST 
I need to vaccuume and sweep every other day. I usually mop once or twice a week, sometimes in the winter more. The rugs and furniture covers get washed 1-2 times a week. I try to sweep the furniture on the days that I wash the covers, but there have been some times when I've gone a week or two without vaccuming the couches.

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Barked: Thu Nov 4, '10 9:11am PST 
I try to do it everyday, but that doesn't always go so well... At least 2-3 times a week. shh
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