New Hairless Crested Owner

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Barked: Thu Oct 18, '12 10:22pm PST 
Hey guys, I adopted a true hairless chinese crested about 3 months ago from an animal rescue. She was a breed dog in a puppy mill, so she has been in a cage, having puppies her entire life...she is 5.cry
She is adapting extremly well however, and has bonded to me very quickly. Still not completely housetrained but thats to be expected considering she was lying in her own filth.
She is a wonderful quirky dog and I love her.
One question I have right now is, she was really overweight when I first got her, picture a sausage with skinny legs... but we go to the dog park everyday so she can run and she has lost quite a bit of weight and her muscles are becoming alot more defined. However right now she has quite a bit of loose skin on her lower abdomen (from having so many puppies) and around her neck and chest. I do moisturise her and bath her and her skin is very soft and subtle I'm wondering if there is any way I can speed up the process of tightening her skin around her neck especially I'm worried that it may get caught in her collar...confused