My crested runs in circles- House breaking-grooming

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Barked: Tue Jun 28, '11 7:43am PST 
My little daisy is 7 Mos old. All she does is run in circles. She runs in circles around Miko and Bear. Its cute. At times they dont think so. They still growl at her a bit because shes new to the family. They miss their buddy Rusty. So shes the new girl and shes not afraid. She will steal a bone in a heartbeat lol. I did get daisy when she was 6 months old. She is very hard to house train. She can be very stubborn, but yet very smart. I tried the crate, the wee wee pads (she chews them)Now shes into chewing the carpets and my computer wires. I have 2 dogs already, i dont remember them acting this way at this age. But how can i get made at that lil face...we love lil daisy mae.
As for her hair, I notice now its growing and growing, brush her daily and her fur looks like silk. Im thinking soon she will have to be professionaly groomed. Not sure how to have her cut? I like her fur. and her little cow spots on her belly. I see some with the face shaved..not to sure about that one. When she was fixed she had her belly shaved i can deal with that love her lil spots. how come her ears dont stand up like some i see? I like them floppy though. Maybe she will just get a trim. Any suggestions?

Barked: Fri Jul 22, '11 9:35am PST 
Is she a naked or a powderpuff? My puff boy, Wicket, has drop ears, but his sister, Annabelle, who is a naked has stand-up ears. Some Cresteds have to have their ears taped up when they're really young to make them stand up. We didn't do Wicket's ears because he's not showing and there was no point in making him uncomfortable when he's just as cute with the drop ears.
These guys use the potty pads really well, as they grew up in a pen with potty pads in it. Since we get some deep snow here in the winter, we don't mind if they use the pads.