So many questions!!!

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Barked: Sat Apr 16, '11 2:25pm PST 
Hi guys, my mom just took in a foster chinese crested. however this girl is HUGE! she is almost 30 pounds. not fat though...just big, the size of a beagle. we are really confused about skin care. i've been hearing so many different suggestions! but, what do you all do?
1. how often should we bathe her?
2. what are the best products for moisturizing?
3. should i stop squeezing her blackheads? (so much comes out).
4. should i use an acne meds?
we really appreciate the advice!

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Barked: Fri Jul 22, '11 9:41am PST 
Bathing her should happen at least once a month. Lots of people bathe more often, but you don't want to dry her skin out.
Any moisturizer you use should not contain lanolin, as Cresteds, as a breed, are pretty much allergic to it. Momma doesn't really use one on me, but she puts fish oil (squeezed out of the capsules)on my food and my skin is nice and smooth.
My Sissy always squeezes my blackheads, and it's pretty much good for me, just be gentle about it, as you don't want to hurt the little girl.

30 lbs??? oh, my!! I've never seen a Crested that size! We thought Wicket was huge, and he's only 16.6 lbs at his last checkup. He's way over the breed standard. Is your girl a mix, maybe?