Is my dog part Catahoula?

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Barked: Tue Jul 17, '12 11:30pm PST 
When we adopted Layla, they told us she was part Rat Terrier and part Rottie. This is clearly not true... A few months ago, I met a pure breed Catahoula at our local dog park, and she has so many similar features of the solid color Catahoula. She even has webbed paws! No one even seems to know what they are, but hopefully someone can give their opinion smile

Barked: Mon Aug 20, '12 5:25pm PST 
The people we got our Guido from said he was a rat terrier/beagle mix but they house got raided and Guido's parents were definitely Catahoula and beagle mix. I would be no expert but I would say yours is a catahoula. I have been doing A LOT reading on the breed and have meet breeders and have learned a lot. But you've got a cutie on your hands.

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Barked: Sun Sep 9, '12 1:49pm PST 
couldn't see the picture of your dog too well; he has the houla ears that I can see... I have two female catahoulas and love them to pieces! What a great breed. Does he have a white tipped tail, blue eyes anywhere, does the tail curve like a ? over his back, does his webbing go all the way to the toes??? Read up on the breed, they are amazing dogs!! Best on earth!!!

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Barked: Mon Sep 10, '12 6:47am PST 
Actually poor Guido doesn't have a Tail. They docked him themselves. I do know from talking to the police and detective Guido's mom was a beagle and his dad was a cathoula. His brother didn't take it. I don't know how many dogs were there but only two came out alive. Guido's brother was one but later went to the rain bow bridge. They asked me if he passed all vet certs, would I want him. I said yes right away. Its just a sad story but I am glad Guido is here with us.

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