Is Pepper a Catahoula??

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Barked: Wed Dec 22, '10 11:48am PST 
We recently rescued Pepper, she is about 6 weeks old. We know nothing about her except she had 8 siblings, some blue merle and some solid black. Someone suggested to me she may be a catahoula, I was wondering was you experienced catahoula lovers think!

Thank you!

Barked: Mon Mar 21, '11 1:17pm PST 
She sure does look like my dog. Is her fur longer? Sometimes longer fur means she might have some Australian Shepherd in her.

Barked: Sun Jun 5, '11 9:06am PST 
She sure looks like one....precious..big grin


Barked: Wed Jun 29, '11 1:43pm PST 
She looks EXACTLY how my Blue looked as a pup. However, Blue is a mix. Dad was a purebred catahoula, and mom we were told was a boxer/collie. But they didn't really know, as she was a stray on the catahoula owner's property.
One way you will be able to know is when her adult fur comes in. If she has a soft undercoat, then she is a mix (catahoula mix for sure I woudl think).
If she has a very short single coat, then she most definitely could be purebred catahoula.
It's just hard to tell with the soft puppy fur at this age wink
Best of luck to you! They are wonderful dogs if you educate yourself on them!

Barked: Tue Nov 1, '11 2:49pm PST 
Beautiful dog! has many of the Catahoula traits, and luv the white patches on the feet, my Coco had those..