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Barked: Wed Mar 12, '08 4:19pm PST 
Dunkin is 9 weeks old is there anything suggestions on how to get a bullmastiff puppy to stop biting and listen. I have tryed almost everything i know
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Barked: Wed Mar 12, '08 4:41pm PST 
Boy do I know where you are coming from! I had the same problem with my guy and tried EVERYTHING! Replacing with a toy, a high pitched yelp/ouch, leaving the room, etc. Nothing really worked and I basically just used them all then I started teaching him "kisses"! This was the best idea as then when he would start biting I would say "No! Kisses!" and he would start to lick me instead and then of course he would receive great praise and the ocacsional cookie. Now at 16 months of age he still can get mouthy (more with my fiance, or guys in general) but as he matures he does this less and less, really only when he is really fired up and then we are able to give him a firm No and make him sit (I think he thins if he sits he may get a treat).

I used to have a big problem with him jumping up and biting on me when I would go in the backyard with him and only in the last couple months have I got this under control. He would be good everywhere except in the yard. I made sure I always had some treat that was really smelly in my pocket when I went outside so if he jumped up I would say No and make him sit and then show him the treat and then start walking and have him follow me a bit then into a sit to get the treat. Basically i needed to get him to focus and divert his spastic energy! Memphis is my first bullmastiff so others may have better advice but have patience, teach "kisses" and dried pork liver bits work wonders!
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Barked: Wed Mar 12, '08 7:18pm PST 
what worked fo my guys was putting them in submissive pose (on their back) whenever they did that. It is a struggle because that is a very vulnerable psition for them, - but eventually comes in handy at the vet and now my dogs love to roll over on their back because they feel safe to do so. then when they behaved we teach them kisses as the other person here mentioned and "no, niiiice" and they would let up and start licking you. I found the yelling or yelping didnt work. some people suggestpicking them up by their nape like their mothers would - something i personally could not do.

Good luck!!!


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Barked: Wed Mar 26, '08 10:03am PST 
Puppy Bullies are CRAZY! Ok. now - how to work with them; my experience has been allowing them to play in cardboard boxes (no glue, no staples!) & they are chewing and scratching and nothing is ruined.

Both of my Blmsfs. were successful non-biters or loving nibblers by carrying a soft plush toy in thier mouths. We call this their babydoll. Now that Pig is older, when she is excited, she picks up the toy & carries it to us or around so she is not mouthy.

The training part of this is every time she nibbled on us, we imediately put the toy in her mouth & she picked up the habbit. It seems to work with soft plush toys.

Second tool is simiar to the above thread's 'nice' - we say 'easy' & she checks herself.

The energy mellows over time & they turn into great dogs when they are not allowed (holding front paws when they jump up) to jump or allowed to mouth people. We use kisses too.