Oconee shelter is almost out of dog & cat food

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the chin licker
Barked: Sat Jan 24, '09 8:05am PST 
If you know of anyone who can help with some food or a place they can pick some up please email myself or the shelter they are out of food.

I have received a request for help do you know where they can get some food for their shelter?

Rescue Girl


Please who ever can help. The shelter is almost completely out of dog and cat food. We have always given out dog food and have always had a lot donated. But our two times a month donation is cut to once every other month. We have enough until Monday, than we will be out. Do you two know anyone who can help?

Oconee County Animal Control
1171 Branch Road
Bishop, GA 30621
Phone: (706)769-3956/fax 769-2933

Rescue Girl

Email: cvickers@oconee.ga.us