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I have my own Facebook & Groupspaces page dedicated to the love of the Boxer for all Texans to join.
Here is the Facebook link:
And here is the Groupspaces link:
Do you have a Boxer, or just love the breed? I will be hosting Boxer Bashes in the San Antonio area soon. There will be holiday-related Bashes scheduled for everyone to come to, such as a New Year's Eve Boxer Bash, Valentine's Day, Easter, St. Patty's Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, and more! There will also be Seasonal Bashes such as a Spring Boxer Bash, Summer, Fall, and Winter. All of these bashes and a few more special ones will be hosted by myself.Dogs who come to our Boxer Bashes must be safe and friendly. Any dog who is not will be asked to leave the Bash. Owners are also required to pick up their own messes, and be responsible for their own pets.

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