Heart Murmur...

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Barked: Tue Apr 21, '09 8:23am PST 
Max went to the Vet today 12 week old check up
this was his 2nd time I took him to the Vet(8 weeks old the other visit)

and the breeders had him at their Vet 4 and 7 weeks old also

But this time the Vet said she heard a slight level 1 heart murmur ....she thinks??? She realy didn't sound too sure of herself ....and she was the same Vet he saw at 8 weeks old she did't hear it then..

She said not to worry she would listen again at the next visit which he will then be 16 weeks old

Should I be worried????

he was sold with a health certificate ... the breeders said all the puppies were seen by the Vet and given a health certificate
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Barked: Tue Apr 21, '09 9:39am PST 
Most likely and hopefully its nothing serious. When Mommy took me to the vet @ 8 weeks the vet also heard a heart murmur probably a level 2 or 3. Mommy was worried but when I went back @ 12 weeks the vet barley heard anything. By the time I was 16 weeks it was gone. The vet said it was normal and happens quite often. Mommy wouldn't worry to much!

Hoping you'll be okay blue dog
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Barked: Thu Apr 23, '09 6:35am PST 
Slight heart murmurs do happen and when present in young dogs are congenital, however it could also be heart valve disease i would give it some time to correct itself but monitor it to make sure it does not get worse. a 1 is very low grade murmur however its up to you what you are willing to live with and if its worth taking the puppy back to the breeder. The unfortunate thing is by the time you can honestly diagnose the dogs for sure has a heart mumur that isnt going away with age you have fallen head over heals for your puppy (if you havent done so already.) You may want to call the breeder and let them know what is going on as a heads up and let them know how you plan on keeping tabs on it and what you will expect from them if it does turn out to be a problem.


If it WAS yours- It's now MINE !!-
Barked: Wed Apr 29, '09 1:09pm PST 
Thanks All.....

We are head over heals in love already and would never return a member of the family....

I just worry about him next Vet visit is may 21 so we will have to see and I will be seeing a different Vet at the same clinic just to see what he says, I've been taking my pets to him sents 1990 and would like his opion ...

And I will be leting the breeder know I surely don't think they tryed to pull a fast one on me They are so nice and good with all their dogs ...

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Barked: Wed Apr 29, '09 8:36pm PST 
Hello namesake!

I haven't been on here much lately, but I wouldn't panic yet... Hopefully (as another pup already pointed out) it will resolve itself. That said, a friend of mine is a vet, and she had a client that decided to euthanize her dog for a heart murmur (can't remember the severity). My friend talked her into signing over the dog and decided to keep it. 2 years later, the pup is fine, and shows no signs of a murmur... which Shareen confirms was definitely there.

hug for you. I know it's hard... so, hughugwishes