Why do I keep making the same mistake?

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Barked: Wed Feb 25, '09 7:33am PST 
So, last night I woke my mommy up by puking on the floor a huge pile of what looked kind of fabricy to my mommy. She cleaned it up and didn't know where that mess came from. This morning she was getting ready for work and found my stash. In the spare bedroom she found where I had torn apart a dirty diaper from one of those little skin kids that her sister has. I knew immediately I was in trouble. Why do I keep making the same mistake of eating dirty diapers and tampons??? I know they make me sick and I keep doing it when my mommy forgets to close the bathroom door when she leaves...shrug

Barked: Wed Feb 25, '09 1:18pm PST 
I think it's normal pup stuff. They have a neat smell and feel neat when chewed on. My family never leaves me alone with an open garbage. Whenever they leave the house the bathroom garbage goes in the shower stall where I can't get it. And all other garbage has a lid that I can't open.

Wish I could offer a better solution, but really I think it's training your family not to leave you the tempation. laugh out loud

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Barked: Wed Feb 25, '09 5:36pm PST 
Poor Chase. All that temptation! We've never done it, but moms had many other dogs who would. Because of having it be a problem before we just don't have access much (and are supervised or in our rooms) I'd say its pretty normal and just get those doors closed so you arent able to hurt yourself


Barked: Thu Feb 26, '09 11:16am PST 
Oh chase, welcome to our house! with four dogs, one of which loves anything found in a trash can, and one that can open doors to get the kitchen trash, I know what you are going through!!

we have to keep our kitchen trash can in a locked closet HAbig laugh

Boo is really into bathroom trash, very annoying and not good for him. I have started to train him though that it is not good for him.

I take a hair brush and a full trash can, full of his favorite things.. I put the trash can in front of him, wait until he starts to stick his head in it, then I bang my hairbrush on the trash can.. As soon as Boo backs his head out and looks at me, I praise him!

I do this a few times with every trash can that he can get to. Then i stick my hairbrush in my pocket and go about my morning routine.. If I know Boo is heading to a trash can, or if I catch him in one, I bang the brush on it.

This is teaching him conditioned responses.. I learned about it in my psych class this week! He is learning that trash cans are not allowed!

Try something like this, and then move on to just the dirty diapers, set one in front of him on the floor, when he moves to sniff it or pick it up, hit your brush on something hard to associate loud scary noise with dirty diaper..

Boo is a fan of q-tips like Chase is of diapers.. the loud noise will distract them from the object of interest, then you praise them lavishly for leaving it alone, they connect the two and party yay no more poopy diapers for chase!!

Hope it works!!

Barked: Fri Feb 27, '09 8:06am PST 
Thanks Boo!! I think my mom is planning on training me with your suggestion. I hope it works for my sake because unfortunately I had a bad experience going to the bathroom this morning because of the poopy diaper leftovers. hail

Barked: Fri Feb 27, '09 9:56am PST 
I did too!! I ate grandpa's floss....it got stuck on the way out, so mommy had to get a tissue and run outside to save me because I was panicking!!

let me just say there was a very long piece of doodoo floss...silenced

Mommy laughed and said that is what I getlaugh out loud

She then blamed herself for slacking with the hairbrush after a dayfrown

Don't give up!! Hardwork will pay off!!!

Good luck!
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Barked: Tue Mar 3, '09 8:17am PST 
lol!! You are all very funny.
This is where human training comes in. With so many dogs I finally just had to train myself.... We never leave garbage in the bathroom. Before we leave each day each of the bathroom garbages get dumped into the main garbage and then then the main garbage gets either locked in the garage or emptied.
We tried shutting doors and putting the garbage behind closed cabinets and even installed baby locks but these boxers are smart. They learned how to open doors, open cabinets and even get into baby locks!!!
Now if I could just remember to remove the toilet paper roll each day before leaving big laugh