Any of you have these odd behaviors?

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Classic Beauty
Barked: Sat Feb 7, '09 5:32pm PST 
My mom was wondering if I was weird or if any of you were afraid of the same things I was afraid of. I have been living with my mommy since I was wee little, so she doesn't know where most of my fears/behaviors come from.

I am afraid of storm drains on the side of the road, I will never walk across them.

I am afraid of men I don't know, especially if they are in a uniform. This started after I was a year old.

I don't like being put on the scale at the vet, it is going to steal my soul, the just don't want me to know that.

Big sheets on paper scare me, like a life-size target of a man that my mommy killed with a gun, it scared me.

I clean my feet. Obsessivly. everyday. Mommy thinks it is annoying.

I am scared to jump through my hoop for the first time until I remember how fun it is, then I can't stop doing it.

Are any of you weird like me?

My mommy says she loves that I do the kidney bean dance every time she comes home, she says it makes her soooo happy. She wishes my brother did it. Ha, she loves me more!

Barked: Sun Feb 8, '09 3:36pm PST 
I am also afraid of men in uniforms. I also cleen my feet (and arms) obsessively. My mommy also loves my kidney bean dance. If she asks me to come give her bean love,... I know what it means.

Classic Beauty
Barked: Sun Feb 8, '09 4:22pm PST 
My mommy is trying to teach me to sing on command, she thinks it is really funny when I howl at my squeaky toys. It is nice to know that you clean your paws and legs a lot too Chase!snoopy


Somewhere there- is something I- can eat..
Barked: Sun Feb 8, '09 9:27pm PST 
Layla that's hillarious! Xena does the same thing with her toys, usually when one of her brothers steals them! hehe

Max was TERRIFIED of Hula Hoops.. Then I mentioned it to my trainer and we started working on desensitizing him to them, and now it's fine.. we can even do a little obedience routine using them now..

Xena is fearless... really. If she doesn't like something she's more likely to try and attack it. The boys are all my chickens..

Max is also afraid of the "can of air" duster stuff. Xena, on the other hand, actually launched herself at my desk trying to attack it while I sprayed my laptop..

We don't have a lot of thunderstorms, but when we do have thunder, none of them like it.

Barked: Mon Feb 9, '09 5:25am PST 
Boo and Layla try to protect me from new people and dogs, but Layla is afraid of the stupidest stuff. haha. Layla is afraid of her hula hoop until she remembers that she can jump through it and then she loves it. she can jump pretty high through it too!snoopy

Whenever a guy is in the house to fix something, layla will howl and bark but she will stay at least 20 feet away haha. wimpy guard dog!

I would never own another kind of dog though!!

Barked: Mon Feb 9, '09 12:08pm PST 
I think we all have out own little qwirks. I also lick my paws and legs ALOT! Mom thinks the texture dirt on my feet must annoy me.

Everyone used to laugh at me whenever I'd walk by the fish tank. That goldfish is tiny but SCARY shock I'd back away from it with my tail way down (I have a full tail) and keep my eye on it until I cleared the hall.

I also seem to forget we have a wall clock in the kitchen. Every once in a while I'll rediscover it and spend many minutes staring at it with my ears perked. When Mom notices me doing this, she'll take it off the wall for a sniff test. Then I'll remember it and leave it alone.

Barked: Mon Feb 9, '09 1:09pm PST 
Tigger, that's funny! Mommy has this bird and if I stand up on my hind legs I can see him so I do that and watch him. Sometimes he whistles at me and I run away!

I don't clean my feet like my sister does, But I clean every other dog's ears like it's my job! I pin their heads down with my paws and go at it! They don't seem to mind!

Mom has a hampster too, I want to eat it. A LOT!hamster dance EEEEEK!

Play?! Let's- PLAY!!!
Barked: Mon Feb 9, '09 1:58pm PST 
Chase- I wanna see a video of “bean love”, I bet that is the cutest thing EVER!!

And Tigger…WATCH out, there is a goldfish staring at you RIGHT NOW with big googly eyes! BOL!!!

Boo, my Mom has birds too but I’m not allowed to acknowledge them. But sometimes when I play with my wubba the bird talks back and makes the wubba sound!

Sometimes we go for walks in downtown Portland and there are these big metal things on the ground, I don’t like walking on them. I think Layla is onto something, those things are after our souls!!!!

I don’t like when Mom or Dad talks to me thru the cardboard tube from wrapping paper. It scares me and I bark and growl! Mom and Dad say “it’s okay” and I normally believe them, but there is something about that tube that just aint right!

When the cat just stands in the hallway I whine cause I don’t want to pass him by myself. He looks at me with those big green eyes and I just don’t know what he is thinking.

Classic Beauty
Barked: Mon Feb 9, '09 2:48pm PST 
Hahaha Chewie! That's funny about the kitty! mommy used to have a kitty with a long swishy tail that would taunt me by sitting on the table and move it back and forth... I would watch it for a while until i would run up and just yank him off the table by his swishy tail!

When my grandpa falls asleep while watching tv, I think he looks funny, so I stalk him every so stealthily until I am right beside him, then I jump right on top of him!! he makes funny sounds and everyone else laughs!!!

My Mommy HATES it when I wake her up in the morning by boxing her in the face, she thinks its kinda funny until I pull hair out of her head or leave big scratches across her face.

Do any of you wake your mommy or daddy up in this painful manner, do they know how to stop it?

I feel bad when she has scratches on her face...frown

i like to talk about my dogs! smile

Barked: Mon Feb 9, '09 5:21pm PST 
Chewie, you ever walk past the giant statues downtown? OMD! I am ok with a lot of things, but giant metal deer are not on the list of ok things. And those clangy metal things on the sidewalk, yuppers, dont like those at all.
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