Weight of a 9 month old boxer

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Barked: Fri Oct 19, '07 6:35pm PST 
I was wondering how much a boxer should weigh at 9 months old. Chopper weighs in at 54 pounds, and to me that is kind of on the small side. I hope he is not the runt..... How much did your guys' boxers weigh at 8-12 months or so.

Eve: aka Evil- Sidewinder
Barked: Fri Oct 19, '07 7:45pm PST 
hi Chopper ..... when mom adopted me i was 45 lbs and 13 months old eek pretty skinny if you ask me. i started gaining weight after the first week here cheercheer now i weigh about 58lbs & i'll be 3 in dec. shrug no idea if this is normal weight but the vet doesn't seem concerned like she was the first time mom brought me to see her.

I am all that is- Dog
Barked: Sun Oct 21, '07 3:19pm PST 
hmmm...well i am almost 6 months old and i weigh 35lbs. I gained 5lbs in just 2 weeks! My parents think I will be a good 85lbs of pure muscle!!


Happy to be a- "Boxer" - Vit0
Barked: Sun Oct 21, '07 5:31pm PST 
Hi Chopper, Im just 6 months and I'm already 51 pounds.......and still alot of skin to grow into.....My Brother Vinny is 5 years old and he weighs 53 pd.......wave

Barked: Sun Oct 21, '07 7:18pm PST 
Depends on the boxer. My mom is 75 pounds, daddy 93 pounds. I weigh 67 pounds at a year and a half.

Boxer Gentleman
Barked: Sun Oct 21, '07 7:20pm PST 
My daddy was a tall lean 80 pounds, my mom a shorter stalky 75 pounds, and I am 74 pounds at almost 3. So it can be pretty varied.

Somewhere there- is something I- can eat..
Barked: Mon Oct 29, '07 12:22am PST 
Per the AKC, there is no size (weight) disqualification for Boxers. Usually, an ideal weight on a Boxer will allow you to see the last few ribs. You should be able to feel the ribs through a thin layer of fat and they should have a well-defined waist. Now, that is for an adult Boxer. Max weighed about 40 lbs at 9 months. (He looked like he was starving- even though he ate plenty and there were no medical problems, he was just scrawny!) He is now 18 months and a very healthy 65lbs. He didn't start filling out until after his first birthday. I would say to give it some time. We thought Max was going to always be scrawny, but boy did his chest fill out and he looks beautiful now. Maybe your baby is just a late bloomer like Max!

you say cookie?- now I listen.
Barked: Mon Oct 29, '07 2:54am PST 
pepper is right around 50lbs @ 10 months old. she put on a lot (almost 6lbs) of that w/in 6 weeks of being spayed.

keep in mind though that boxers don't typically reach full weight until 2 - 3 years old. frau, our last boxer, took until she was almost 3 to reach her final weight of 63lbs.

lets box
Barked: Mon Oct 29, '07 6:26am PST 
mom thinks I'm about 2 give or take. the last time I was weighed I was 65 pounds. Mom and dad thinks most of that is muscles.
Ooley's- Major Tank

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Barked: Mon Oct 29, '07 5:34pm PST 
Well tank is at 49 pounds and he is year old and a bit underweight...we just got him
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